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I can do incredible things with my yo-yo. The string goes on forever, and I can use it to move around or tie up my opponents. I can even make it spin super fast to use it as a shield.

Ladybug, "Marinette's Double Life"

The yo-yo is the tool of the Ladybug Miraculous.


The yo-yo is red with five black dots resembling a ladybug's shell. Ladybug usually attaches it around her hips when she's not using it. The length of the string is unlimited, and can be controlled by willpower.[1] The end of the string has a small red hoop to put around the finger.


The yo-yo has many functions. Ladybug uses it as a weapon, both offensively and defensively, to hit enemies with it like a projectile or tie them up with its string. It works as a grappling hook, which Ladybug can swing from and use to travel far distances. When swung in a circle very quickly, it lights up pink and creates a shield able to deflect and withstand strong attacks. In "Stormy Weather", Ladybug uses the yo-yo's shield to protect herself and Cat Noir from a bus launched at them by tearing a hole through it. Ladybug can swing from it like a grappling hook.

The yo-yo is useful for some of Ladybug's special abilities. It can capture and purify akumas back to normal butterflies. It's also used for Lucky Charm: Ladybug throws the yo-yo in the air, and it releases a pink energy that produces an object that Ladybug uses to save the day.

One side of the yo-yo can slide open, revealing a screen. With this, Ladybug can use the yo-yo as a tracker, a map, a communicator to contact Cat Noir, or a cellular phone. Additionally, it can access the internet, as seen in "Simon Says" and "Pixelator", like when Ladybug is researching.



  • In concept art and test animation in the 2014 licensing video, the yo-yo appears to have more abilities, like being able to split in half to become a staff, generating a wing-like shield, and exploding like a bomb. These abilities have not yet been seen in the show.
  • In "Copycat", one side of the yo-yo can be seen with inverted colors (black with red spots) at times, like when Ladybug is using it as a communicator. Thomas Astruc said that it was a mistake that couldn't be fixed.[2]
  • Antibug also uses a yo-yo like Ladybug's, except that the colors of the yo-yo are inverted to black with red spots.



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