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Excellent choice, Master.

—Wayzz, "Stoneheart"

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Wayzz[2] is a kwami that is connected to the Turtle Miraculous, and with his power, its wearer can use the bracelet to transform into a turtle-themed superhero, the current wearer being Master Fu.


Wayzz is a small, light green creature that is 10 centimeters tall.[3] His appearance includes yellow sclerae, green eyes, and an antenna on his head. He also has a slightly darker green turtle shell on his back and a tail.

For more of Wayzz's designs, see Wayzz/Designs.


Wayzz is kind, compassionate, and helpful. He worries when Miraculouses are being used incorrectly, and he trusts the wisdom of Master Fu, although concerned for Master Fu's health at his old age.


Wayzz is able to fly, levitate, and phase through solid objects. He can also sense the aura of a Miraculous and when one is being used for dark purposes, being able to know that Nooroo and the Moth Miraculous are under Hawk Moth's control.


Master Fu attempting to transform.

As a kwami, Wayzz is able to transform the wielder by entering the Turtle Miraculous into a turtle-themed superhero, although it is unknown what the transformation looks like and what their powers are.


Master Fu


Wayzz listening to Master Fu.

Wayzz is very loyal to his master, telling him immediately if he senses something wrong and, whether he fully agrees or not, trusting Master Fu's decisions. However, he thinks Master Fu is unreasonable for trying to transform at his age, which Master Fu disagrees on him with, and attempting to take care of Hawk Moth himself without other superheroes' assistance.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste

When Master Fu chooses Marinette and Adrien as the respective Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous holders, Wayzz is unsure if they'll be up to the challenge. Though he hasn't met them, after the duo successfully defeats Stoneheart, Wayzz compliments Master Fu on them being a great choice.



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  • Wayzz sleeps in a matchbox that has the design of the famous French establishment "Le Chat Noir".


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