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Volpina tricks Ladybug

Released on October 22, 2016 (Nick), February 10, 2017 (Netflix)

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Not only did Ladybug save my life, we've become very close friends, because we have something very special in common. It's what I wanted to tell you about. I'm the descendant of a vixen superheroine myself–Volpina.

Lila Rossi, "Volpina"

"Volpina" is the twenty-sixth episode and the season finale of the first season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. It first premiered on October 22, 2016, on Nickelodeon and February 10, 2017, on Netflix.[1][2]



When Marinette exposes a new student's lie, the student gets akumatized into Volpina; Volpina fakes an alliance with Ladybug and Cat Noir in order to divide and destroy them.[3]


Humiliated in front of Adrien by Marinette, Lila — a rival who pretends to be Ladybug's friend — akumatizes into Volpina, a villain of illusions.


Volpina LQ (8)
The episode begins at the Agreste mansion with Adrien skipping down the grand foyer stairs. In the atelier to his right, Gabriel is on the phone, arguing with a supplier over a new line of clothes and a fashion show happening in three days. While he rants, he picks up a book and places it in a safe hidden behind the painting of Mrs. Agreste. When Gabriel leaves, Adrien sneaks into the room, walking over to the portrait. Plagg prompts Adrien to open the safe, but Adrien protests, stating that his dad wouldn't like him going through his stuff, he doesn't know the code, and he'll be late to fencing practice.
Volpina LQ (53)
Annoyed with Adrien, Plagg phases through the safe and opens it. Inside is a photograph of Mrs. Agreste, a book about Tibet, a flyer to a Tibetan hotel, the Peacock Miraculous (which he does not notice), and a "really dusty old book." Plagg throws the book at Adrien who then begins to flip through it, pausing on the page that depicts a man who looks similar to Hawk Moth.

Hearing footsteps, Adrien slams the safe and portrait closed, hiding the book in his schoolbag. Nathalie enters with Adrien's bodyguard following, telling Adrien that he's going to be late. Adrien pretends that he almost forgot his homework, looking sheepish all the while.

Volpina LQ (197)
Meanwhile, Marinette and Alya walk into their school, hearing their classmates Rose, Chloé, and Nino discussing the various accomplishments of a girl named Lila. Marinette asks Alya who Lila is, and learns that she's a new student from Italy. When Alya points upstairs, Marinette finds Lila stroking a distressed Adrien. Ignoring Marinette's facial expressions, Alya continues to say that Lila gave Alya an interview for the Ladyblog, in which Lila describes how she was saved by Ladybug. Alya hip-bumps Marinette, drawing her attention to watch the video.

This doesn't help Marinette, who continues to ask who she is. Alya explains that she's an incredible girl with diplomatic parents and is well traveled. Marinette then begins to freak out, her imagination taking her to Lila and Adrien flirting shamelessly, developing a romantic relationship, traveling to Hollywood, and Adrien forgetting entirely about Marinette. Breaking out of her imagination, Marinette finds Adrien being dragged by Lila into the library. Marinette tries to get Alya to go with her to break them apart, but Alya ignores Marinette's concerns, more focused on the view count on the Ladyblog, which has since exploded from Lila's video.

Confused, Marinette thinks that Lila has somehow hypnotized everyone in the school. Tikki accuses Marinette of being jealous, which she denies. After a moment of hesitation, she follows Adrien and Lila. Hiding behind a bookshelf, Marinette only finds a bored Adrien tapping his fingers against a table, Lila out of sight. Adrien scooches back from the table and pulls the book from earlier out of his bag. Tikki begins to freak out, needing to see the book up close. Marinette tells Tikki to hide. Instead, Tikki flies over to the bookshelf opposite Marinette, hiding on top.

Volpina LQ (130)

Adrien attempting to hide the miraulculous book.

In that moment, Lila returns with her Histoire textbook, saying that she and Adrien can study together. Adrien hastily covers his book with his Maths book, but it's too late as Lila's already noticed. She pulls it out from under Adrien's arm, asking him what it is. He explains that it's an encyclopedia about superheroes. Placing her hand on Adrien's, Lila tells Adrien that she adores superheroes. Marinette flinches and freaks out, figuring it's already too late. This causes her to bump into a cart of books waiting to be put away.

The scene shifts to Tikki who is peering at the open pages Lila is flipping through. When Lila stops on the page for Ladybug, Adrien sighs and mentions she's amazing. This annoys Lila. Picking up her chair, Lila places it right next to Adrien, telling him that a girl doesn't need to wear a costume to be fascinating. Lila confronts Adrien about his crush on Ladybug, which he tries to deny through stutters. Meanwhile, Marinette gets closer to the two by hiding behind the cart of books and moving it. Lila then lies to Adrien, telling him that she's friends with Ladybug. Angry about Lila's lies, Marinette growls and moves to confront Lila, but she leans on the cart, causing it to slide away and make Marinette fall. The cart slams into the wall, falling over, scattering books, and interrupting Lila and Adrien. Marinette hides under the table.

Before Adrien can investigate, his phone alarm goes off, telling him he has only one minute before his fencing practice begins. Hastily, Adrien grabs his books and begins to put them away, Lila following suit. As Adrien is putting his bag on his shoulder, Lila startles him, making him drop his bag and spill out all of his books. Lila distracts him for a moment, confirming that they'll meet later at the Place des Vosges. At the same time, she puts her foot on Adrien's book and slides it away from Adrien's bag. Adrien hurriedly agrees, Lila handing him his bag.

When Adrien runs off, Lila picks up the book and flips it open to a random page, landing on the Fox superhero's page, and walks off. Tikki zooms down from her perch to Marinette, about to tell Marinette something, but Marinette interrupts her. Marinette assumes that Tikki wants her to talk to Adrien before he and Lila meet at the park; Tikki doesn't want Adrien to know anything about the book and wants it for herself. When Marinette asks why the book is so important, Tikki says that she'll explain when she's sure that the book is the one she thinks it is.

Tikki and Marinette follow Lila to a jewelry shop, watching Lila exit it. Marinette is even angrier now as she's just finished watching Lila's video on the Ladyblog where Lila says that she and Ladybug are very close friends. Marinette and Tikki chase after her, arriving at the Place des Vosges. Lila sits on a bench, looking at a necklace of a fox's tail. She pulls it out of its box and flips open Adrien's book to the Fox superhero's page. She puts it on and grins, freezing when she looks up and sees Adrien walking toward her. Lila hides the book behind her, panicking and throwing it in a nearby trashcan. Lila grabs Adrien's arm and pulls him to sit next to her while Marinette complains that Lila is a pest.

Tikki flies off, telling Marinette that she'll grab the book and that Marinette can take care of Adrien. Tikki makes it to the book unseen, but when she tries to take it out of the trashcan, she isn't strong enough. Marinette runs over to the trashcan, taking the book from Tikki.

At the same time, Lila is lying to Adrien about how Ladybug saved her life and how they're friends because they're both superheroes. Lila said that she was a descendant of the Italian superhero Volpina. Adrien mentions that he saw her in his book, but Lila stops him from searching for it. She begins to put down Ladybug and says that Volpina is better and stronger than her, making Marinette very angry. As Marinette runs away from the situation, Tikki says that she's never seen anyone lie so well before.

Deciding that now is the time to act, Marinette gives Tikki the book (who then falls to the ground under its weight) and transforms into Ladybug. She immediately confronts Lila, calling her out on her lies about being saved by Ladybug. Adrien asks if she's not the descendant of Volpina, which Ladybug confirms. Upset, Lila runs away, crying. Adrien tries to stop her and to comfort her, but he's not fast enough. He rounds on Ladybug, asking her why she did that, using an assertive tone he would take with her as Cat Noir before catching himself. Claiming that she hates lies and liars, especially about herself, Ladybug leaves.

Volpina LQ (311)

Lila being akumatized to Volpina.

Across the city, Lila blames Ladybug, saying that she will never be able to go out with Adrien because of her and that she hates her. She throws her bag at Ladybug's magazine poster and falls to her knees, sobbing. Hawk Moth, sensing her negative emotions from his lair, sends an akuma to Lila, the akuma merging with her necklace. He gives her the power of illusion and the name Volpina, letting her have revenge on Ladybug. Transforming, Volpina plays a tune on her flute and throws the energy ball at the Ladybug poster, changing it to one of her and Adrien.

Several civilians standing outside the Louvre Palace stare up at the sky in horror; a massive meteor is burning through the atmosphere and will crash into the Louvre. Outside the Agreste mansion, Adrien and his bodyguard see it too. Adrien runs into his room and transforms into Cat Noir. Seeing the meteor, Ladybug jumps off her balcony and swings through the city with her yo-yo. A red blur zips through the sky beside her, throwing her off. It stops above the Louvre and braces itself, catching the meteor and throwing it back into the sky. Volpina just saved the day. The meteor, however, disappears as soon as it hits a pigeon.

The Volpina that stopped the meteor lands on a rooftop, the real Volpina waving her hand through the illusion and stepping into the view of the public. To the citizens of Paris, Volpina states that she is the only hero that Paris needs. Ladybug and Cat Noir stand on another roof, discussing with each other the merits of having another superhero in Paris. Ladybug is skeptical about how a new hero showed up out of nowhere, but Cat Noir isn't alarmed. In the midst of their arguing, Volpina lands between the two, telling them she needs their help.

Standing on another rooftop is Hawk Moth. Volpina tells them that they need to capture him. Cat Noir immediately agrees and says that she can count on them. Volpina then flatters Cat Noir and his costume. Oblivious to the two, Ladybug makes a disgusted face and returns to observing Hawk Moth. Ladybug is very skeptical about everything that's happened so far, but Cat Noir disagrees. Ladybug questions Volpina on her powers, asking her what her Miraculous is and what her powers are.

Behind them, Hawk Moth disappears, Volpina chasing after him. Ladybug and Cat Noir follow. Hawk Moth stops, standing above Hôtel de Ville, the other three stopping nearby. Volpina tells Ladybug to go to the right and Cat Noir to go to the left, she comes up from behind. Annoyed with Volpina's leadership and lack of consulting with them, Ladybug says she'll go right, Cat Noir will go behind, and Volpina will go left. After Volpina leaves, Cat Noir tells Ladybug to be nicer to Volpina since she's on their side. Ladybug bounds off over rooftops.

Volpina goes behind a chimney, the real Volpina destroying the illusioned Volpina. Cat Noir ends up in his spot on the Hôtel de Ville, but Hawk Moth is missing. Cat Noir spots him again and chases him across the city. Volpina leaves him, chasing after Ladybug.

Ladybug is chasing after her own Hawk Moth. When she loses sight of him, her left foot steps into a green box, turning it red. The box locked onto her foot, tracking her movements. All around Ladybug, large rockets aim at her. Volpina monologues and Ladybug figures out that Lila was akumatized. Ladybug tries to convince Volpina to stop, but Volpina is still locked onto the fact that everyone thinks she's a liar. Since she's a superhero and even Cat Noir believes her, it would be Ladybug who would be called the liar if she ever told anyone.

Hawk Moth interrupts Volpina, telling her to take Ladybug's Miraculous. Volpina demands she hands over her earrings, but Ladybug says no, covering her ears. Volpina gives her an ultimatum: hand over the Miraculous, or a building crumbles. Ladybug calls her bluff, but Volpina plays a tune and the building falls apart. Seeing the damage and the screaming people, Ladybug tells Volpina to stop and puts a hand to her earrings. Before she takes them off, a pigeon flies into the illusion and destroys it. Ladybug figures out that Volpina's power is that of illusions and lies. She gets rid of the fake rockets and tries to catch Volpina, but realizes that she is an illusion too. Contacting Cat Noir, Ladybug explains Volpina's powers and that she is actually one of Hawk Moth's akumatized victims. She also explains that Volpina's akumitization is her fault and that Volpina is likely heading over to Adrien's house as they speak.

Cat Noir rushes over to the Agreste mansion, entering his room through the bathroom window and detransforming. Plagg questions him about not staying as Cat Noir, but Adrien says that Lila is in love with Adrien and not Cat Noir, meaning Adrien has to handle this as himself. Plagg hides as Volpina flies through the window and into Adrien's room. Adrien pretends to not know who she is, prompting her to continue her lies as Volpina. She explains that the scene from earlier was Ladybug being jealous over Volpina and her strengths.

Outside Adrien's house, Ladybug tries to call Cat Noir, but he won't answer. She enters Adrien's room, interrupting Volpina's and Adrien's conversation. Volpina calls the entire thing a date, which Adrien denies. Volpina doesn't like that, so she turns on Adrien as he's trying to rescind his words and fix the situation, saying that their speaking could become a date, but it isn't yet. Ladybug stops his rambling, asking him to step out so that she could take care of Volpina. Adrien hides in the bathroom and retransforms into Cat Noir.

Meanwhile, Ladybug and Volpina are fighting in Adrien's room. Cat Noir enters through the window, claiming he couldn't find the address. Panicked, Volpina creates multiple copies of herself and jumps down into them, hiding. Ladybug gets rid of them, but the real Volpina isn't there.

Outside, Ladybug spots Volpina kidnapping Adrien. Cat Noir says it's an illusion, claiming that his nose is legendary at pointing this stuff out. However, Ladybug opens up the bathroom door and Adrien isn't there. Cat Noir sighs and follows Ladybug into Paris.

On the Eiffel Tower, Volpina dangles Adrien from one of the beams. Ladybug and Cat Noir climb the Tower, stopping when Volpina begins to swing Adrien around. She demands they give up their Miraculouses or she'll drop Adrien. Even though she likes Adrien, she'd rather see the demise of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Cat Noir calls her out on the illusion, but Ladybug doesn't believe him, reaching for her earrings. Cat Noir stops her and throws his staff at Adrien and Volpina, much to Ladybug's shouts of "NO!" The illusions disappear.

They spot Volpina on the other side of the Tower and chase her to the top where she creates, even more, illusions of herself and hides among them. Ladybug summons her Lucky Charm, receiving a fudge ice cream bar. The inner wrapping shines on her face when she opens it. Cat Noir uses Cataclysm, holding it in his hand for when they'll need it. Ladybug turns the ice cream around, shining the inside of the wrapper on the Volpinas, the sunlight making the real one flinch from the light. Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm on part of the Tower, trapping Volpina in a cage. Grabbing Volpina's necklace, Ladybug breaks it and captures the akuma. She then uses Miraculous Ladybug and returns the city and Lila to normal.

Volpina LQ (711)
When Lila returns to normal, Ladybug apologizes for her earlier actions. Lila doesn't accept her apology and leaves, saying that they'll never be friends. In his lair, Hawk Moth rants that because Lila is still angry, Volpina will be back. His window closes, leaving him and his butterflies in darkness.

Back on the Tower, Ladybug is worried; she doesn't know where the real Adrien is. Cat Noir says that since everything is back to normal, he would be at his house. Ladybug still has to check though. Cat Noir tries to stop her, saying she'll detransform (she loses one dot on her earrings), but Ladybug counters that he'll detransform too (he loses one toe bean on his ring). Ladybug leaves, saying she'll check up on him. Cat Noir then states that he loves her stubbornness.

Volpina LQ (759)
Ladybug beats Cat Noir to Adrien's house. She runs up to the bathroom door, calling Adrien's name. Cat Noir (who was against the door) runs into the shower area, turning it on. Ladybug opens the door, asking if she can come in. As soon as the shower starts, she slams the door closed, learning from the events in "Simon Says". Through the door, she asks if everything's alright, to which Cat Noir answers that it is. He needed to have a shower from all of these emotions. He runs back up to the door and puts his ear against it, listening to her. Ladybug does the same thing on the other side. Before she leaves, he thanks her. Simultaneously, they rest their heads against the door, sighing. Ladybug leaves first, exiting through the window. Cat Noir exits the bathroom, upset.

Marinette returns home to her balcony, speaking to Tikki about Adrien's book. Marinette says they can't keep it and they need to give it back. Tikki says the opposite; the book has priceless knowledge and needs to be given to someone who can protect it. She decides it's time for Marinette to meet the Great Guardian.

In his room Adrien is searching through his bag, trying to find his father's book. He asks Plagg if he touched it, which Plagg denies. Adrien is extremely worried; his father will be angrier than Hawk Moth when he finds out it's missing.

Volpina LQ (811)
Tikki leads Marinette to Master Fu's massage shop. She enters the main room, spotting Master Fu. He immediately identifies her as Ladybug. As she enters, the door closes behind her.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Canada on TéléQuébec.
    • This episode is the twenty-fourth to air in France and the twenty-sixth to air on Télé-Québec as the first season finale.
  • Creator Thomas Astruc and storyboard artist Wilfried Pain consider this episode to be the season finale.[4]
  • According to Thomas Astruc, the real question this episode implies is how "he" will react when he realizes "something" is missing, likely referring to Gabriel Agreste and the Miraculous book.[5][6]
  • This is the only episode so far where Ladybug is willing to take off her Miraculous earrings — once in order to save civilians, and once in order to save Adrien.
  • This is the third episode where an akumatized villain looks like a superhero, as Volpina looks like the holder of the Fox Miraculous. The other two were Copycat, who looked identical to Cat Noir, and Antibug, whose costume was a variation on that of Ladybug.
  • This is the first time that a person who was akumatized is still mad after reverting back to normal.
  • This episode reveals that the Peacock Miraculous is kept by Gabriel Agreste inside a safe box behind a painting of Mrs. Agreste.
    • It is also revealed that Gabriel owned a book containing information about the Miraculouses, which Adrien finds.
  • Plagg eats four wheels of Camembert at the end of this episode.
  • Ladybug abuses her powers because of Adrien, similar to what she does in "The Bubbler".
  • This episode doesn't have an end card.
  • The shot where Ladybug opens the bathroom door in Adrien's room is recycled from "Simon Says".


  • Lila's hair ties constantly change colors, going from orange to black to white to orange again.
  • When Adrien drops his bag, his Histoire book falls out, not his Maths book.
  • When Lila is waiting for Adrien at the Place des Vosges, her hair clips through the bench.
  • Before Adrien arrives at the Place des Vosges, Lila puts on her necklace, but after his arrival, it is no longer around her neck.
  • When Volpina threatens to drop "Adrien" from the Eiffel Tower, her grip on his wrist is reversed in the close-up.
  • The appearance of Lila's necklace constantly changes while she is akumatized as Volpina: it changes between having metal lines protruding from the border and covering the necklace in a pattern, having a dark, murky texture, and occasionally having a combination of both, as well as looking like its original appearance.


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