Dear editors, staff members, and fellow Miraculous fans,

I am taking an indefinite break from FANDOM in general. It’s not because I want to, as I enjoy the editors here and working on the wiki as a way to show my love towards it, but it’s because I need to.

It’s hard to tell who a person is from the text they write on a computer, but I’m a very anxious, stressed, insecure person. While I can come off as blunt or tough sometimes, rejection and disappointment from others freak me out. Even though it's entirely not true, I always feel nervous that fellow editors dislike me for undoing their edits, asking them to/not to do things, getting confused in relation to them, and more. I care a lot, and I want the ML Wiki to be a handy resource, but in the process, it's become less fun for me and recently a lot more stressful.

My intention is not to self-pity or make others feels sorry for me; frankly, this is all on me, and it’s not as bad as I make it sound. However, I want to explain myself so people understand why I’m doing this. If I’m fully supportive of other editors or staff members taking time off for their real lives, I need to support myself as well when doing this. I’m not in the life stage anymore where I can keep running a wiki and being in reality, both with their stresses, at the same time. I’m unnerved, worried, scared, frustrated, and all-around tired right now. It would be easy for me to keep things the way they are for myself, but my school work, outward relationships, and new experiences matter, and my over-reliance on the computer as a security blanket and mind-number are not helping me improve and grow.

I am giving bureaucrat rights to Princess for the time being, and she can promote and demote anyone if need be; I trust her to know who needs a higher role, but I also trust that. I’m also promoting up the content moderators to administrators, and TheClydesdalePegasus149 and MariChatón218 are now promoted to content moderators with image control (sorry I haven't changed the colors/icons around). I don’t expect them to increase their workflow or visitation of the wiki with these promoted roles, but I want them to have more tools on-hand, especially when things get crazier here again. Don’t feel pressured, staff, but I hope these promotions can come in handy. Everyone else, put faith in them do their job, and message them if you have any questions or concerns.

I don’t know if/when I’ll be back; maybe I’ll be around for the crazy week of new episodes from France, but I don’t want to promise that right now. I may pop in from time-to-time too, but for very brief things. I'm not done here entirely yet, but I need a break so badly, and it could last in chunks or one long stream.

Also, thank you to everyone for their hard work, dedication, and kindness. No wiki community comes without its flaws or issues, but I’m grateful for getting to know so many wonderful editors whom I’ve been able to meet and bond with. I’m here for you when I’m around, and I wish us all luck in the things we have to do and the upcoming excitement of new content and episodes.

Thank you,