We may not have names or appearances, but judging by the (shadowed) Akumatized Villains, when do you think each new hero will debut? Spoilers.

  • I think that "The Queens' Fight" is a high probability. I think Malediktor is André Bourgeois and it will be Chloé's chance to stand out from being "the mayor daughter".
  • Sapotis when Alya's sister are akumatized it might gives her a clear "I need to do more" vibe.
  • When Chris (Lahiffe) will appear is a possibility, but I have a feeling something like the mermaid villains because of a water theme (bubbles, turtle).
  • Captain Hardrock, to me, look a little like Anansi's. Something about the physical fighter against the pirate seem interesting.

What do you think?

Post Sapotis update:

I'm changing\adding a topic. When will Alya get her powers again? When will she keep them permanently?

Frankly, I don't think Marinette will look for other help so I'm guessing the next hero will appear when Alya is unavailable, or after she used her powers and Trixx couldn't recharge. Both scenarios seem to be The Queens' Fight, when there will be three villains one after the other, and as I guessed earlier, Chloé's time.