We may not have names or appearances, but judging by the (shadowed) Akumatized Villains, when do you think each new hero will debut? Spoilers.

  • I think that "The Queens' Fight" is a high probability. I think Malediktor is André Bourgeois and it will be Chloé's chance to stand out from being "the mayor daughter".
  • Sapotis when Alya's sister are akumatized it might gives her a clear "I need to do more" vibe.
  • When Chris (Lahiffe) will appear is a possibility, but I have a feeling something like the mermaid villains because of a water theme (bubbles, turtle).
  • Captain Hardrock, to me, look a little like Anansi's. Something about the physical fighter against the pirate seem interesting.

What do you think?

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