As some people may have noticed, lately I've been putting comments up on different Villain pages, with theories I make up on the spot about the identities.

You can believe them if you want, you can take them apart if you want, I don't really care. But please remember that I'm making these up as I go along, and it's ALL JUST FOR FUN. Please don't make fun of any of them, because that can ruin it for others. 

I also wanted to make this post as a list of who I've done. I'll be adding to it every time I write a new one, so feel free to check back regularly. You can find the full theories on the villains' pages.

1. August's mother is Style Queen

2. Sabrina's mother is Queen Wasp

3. Kim's mother is Captain Hardrock

4. Audrey Bourgeois is the Unnamed Pink Villain

5. the Small Purple Villain - I don't know yet! Head over there, and YOU GUYS can vote on who I'm proving them to be!