All the characters info that we know

Marinette- Marinette is a young designer who loves fashion, she wants to be a world famous fashion designer. She is always clumsy at times. She has a crush on Adrien Agreste son of Gabriel Agreste. Her best friend Alya helps her alot. Marinette has a secret she must keep from everyone!

Adrien Agreste- Adrien Agreste is the son of Gabriel Agreste. Adrien is nice and shy person. He is a model who cares about his family,friends,and everyone. His mother disappeared before he started going to a real school, but no one knows where she is. Adrien has a crush in Ladybug. His best friend Nino always has his back. He has a secret he must keep from everyone!

Chat Noir- Chat Noir is secretly Adrien Agreste who is geeky around Marinette and flirty around Ladybug. His crush is obviously Ladybug she LOVES how she is saving Paris. Chat Noir always wonders who Ladybug is sometimes he wishes he can know Ladybug’s identitiy but he respects her so he understands. He also makes cat puns that are not funny to anyone but himself.

Ladybug- Ladybug is secretly Marinette who can find her clumsy side from pretty much everyone! As Ladybug she is strong and smart she always had a plan. Her partner Chat Noir is sometimes off track but she gets him on track alot of times. Her crush is Adrien Agreste. She wants to keep her identity from Chat Noir and everyine else because she thinks they will be disappointed even Alya.

Alya- Alya is Marinette’s best friend and the creator of Ladyblog! She made the Ladyblog when she first saw and met Ladybug!!! She understands Marinette and wonders where she is when ever Ladybug is around. Alya wants to find out who Ladybug is so she can know. Alya’s lover is Nino.