hello, fans!

 I so like Lady-Bag, and that's why I write it's now.
 I have so many theorys, and I go to write about them in my blog.

 Let's started!
דרקונים 1

the dragons

 In this picture we can see tow dragons save on the miraculous,
 remember that's.
דרקונים 2

picture 2- the dragons fight mirafolous

 In this picture, we see the dragons fight on miraculous, 
remember that's.
דרקונים 3

lady-bag in china

 We kmow about the special movie, when lady-bag in china.
 We see in the picture dragon, maybe the dragon save on important
 thing from people,
 Like miracukous, cuse that's very important and dangers,
 Like the dragons on the box.
 Maybe lady bag need to fight the dragon, 
like in the picture 2, 
 There we see her power fight the dragons.
 More proof, its this pictures, there we see old 
lady-bags fight the dragon.
דרקונים 4

the old lady-bags

 More proof:
File:תיאורית 1.gif
 We can see pictures of places in the world,
 Maybe poo find in this places the miraculous.
 On Wise's bad write "cat noir", why???

 It's everything today, entil the next time...
    The end!Italic text