Hello! This is a running timeline on all the currently known Miraculous holders. It will be in chronological order. Those whose time period is not known will be put in alphabetical order. Spoilers are hidden.

Unknown ages

Unknown ages include people with unknown time periods or speculated time periods.

Ancient China

  • Unnamed mage
    • Though not a wielder, he crafted the Miraculouses and therefore belongs on this list.

Every other holder comes after these as they were the first.

Ancient Egypt

5000 years before the present time (c. 3017 BC)

Ancient Greece

C. 1270 BC[1]

Feudal Japan

C. 1157-1247 AD

C. 1185-1868 AD[2]

C. 1615 AD or 1863-1926 AD

Song Dynasty China

C. 960-1275 AD

Alphabetical unknowns

Known Chronology

14th century, Germany

15th century, France

16th century, Mexica

17th century, France

18th century, Vietnam

19th century, Mexico

20th century, Unknown

  • Turtle Master Fu

21st century, France

Peacock Le Paon
  • Turtle Master Fu


  • While some characters are given only a specific, yet broad range of time period (such as the Mexica wielders being around 1427-1524 or Feudal Japan lasting from 1185-1603), this list can be determined accurate by including the time periods in which other wielders lived. It is not likely that there is more than one specific Miraculous wielder per century (meaning it's not likely for there to be two Ladybug Miraculous holders in one century, et cetera).
  • Yes, I am aware that some of the references that source the time periods may be false, but they are only needed for time period ranges.

Timeline notes

  • Since the Ladybug Miraculous was not in Japan during the 15th to 18th centuries, the only period in which Tentomushi could have the Miraculous would be between the 12th and 14th centuries and the 19th century.
  • Sasuke Sarutobi has the potential of existing in approximately 1615 as that's where his culture places him in stories. His name, however, was coined between 1863-1926 AD.
    • Potentially, Sasuke could have participated in World War I.
    • It is very likely that Tentomushi and Tomoe Gozen were partners.
  • Current year (approx. 2012) minus Master Fu's age (186) equals birth year and years after are the years spent as a holder (approx. 1826).
  • The Spanish Colonization of Mexico started before Micazoyolin's time in 1492. This colonization would last until approximately 1810. La Mariquita, however, lived within the Colonization period. Going by the rule that there is only one Ladybug wielder per century and going by her flamenco dress, it is inferred that La Mariquita lived in the early 19th century.
    • It is very likely that Master Fu knew La Mariquita and took the Ladybug Miraculous from her when she retired.


  3. Determined by the age of the áo dài's existence.
  4. Determined by the earliest record of the flamenco dance (La Mariquita wears a flamenco dress) being 1774.