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Major Spoiler Warning
This page contains major spoilers from an episode(s) that has not aired in the US yet.

I'm in the process of merging Gabriel's and Hawk Moth's pages. Knowing what I know now, there are many things for me to wonder about the two Origins episodes. Most of this is a rant on the Order of the Guardians of the Miraculous.

First, Gabriel found Nooroo. Mommagreste found the book. Who found Duusu? How did Gabriel find Nooroo?

Secondly, Master Fu is 186. He was very young when he made his mistake and lost the Moth Miraculous, Peacock Miraculous, and the Miraculous book. Gabriel had to have found Nooroo somewhere within the past 15-13 years (depending on Adrien's age). It is more likely that Gabriel and Mommagreste went to Tibet very recently. Gabriel said the book was the last thing that she gave to him, meaning that the book was found after Adrien was born. More likely, the book was found around nine months before the series began, roughly the time she went missing. (Origins part 1 takes place on September 1 and Mommagreste was at Christmas the previous year. Hence, nine months missing at most.) Why was Master Fu not looking for the Miraculouses ever since he lost them? Why is there only one Order of the Guardians of the Miraculous when the Miraculouses made their ways overseas? There should have been several Orders of the Guardians of the Miraculouses across the world, especially since the few places that would go across the Atlantic/Pacific were a handful of African countries, the vikings, maybe China, and some peoples in the Pacific islands. The Ladybug Miraculous alone went from France to Mexica and then somehow ended up back in China. Granted, there are plenty of years in between when it got there and the Miraculous could have been lost, but it makes no sense for there to be just a single Order. The Order was based in China. The Miraculouses lived in China, and yet they could move worldwide. Nothing indicates that the Order was nomadic, especially because they had a temple.

I'm very annoyed by the Order and I hope we find out more. For anyone confused about why and how I mentioned Mexica, please acquaint yourselves with Micazoyolin.

Thirdly, specifically how is Master Fu finding wielders? He never got to look at the Miraculous book and he was very young. Did Wayzz teach him how to use magic? Were there older surviving Guardians who died in previous years or was Fu the only one to escape? What would Master Fu have done if Marinette was too slow? How many kids did he test out? He spoke to Tikki somehow and the Collector is only the second time we have seen Tikki and Master Fu in the same space together. Did he say something to her after he put her in Marinette's room, letting her know not to bring Marinette to him? Did he say something to her while he was healing her? Was he speaking to her and having her find Marinette for him where his body was just a conduit? The same questions go for Plagg, but Plagg doesn't listen to anyone. Does he listen to Master Fu? We don't know this yet.

Fourthly, "I only got it wrong once. It'll never happen again. At least, I hope not." Master Fu was a child. Who left him unsupervised with the Miraculouses? Who left the Miraculouses unsupervised? Did none of the other Guardians have an active Miraculous and a kwami to tell them what the heck was happening? They were just waiting for a disaster. Why didn't Master Fu try to build them back up? Or rather, is that what he's doing with Marinette, Adrien, Carapace, Rena Rouge, and Queen B? I doubt it since he never wanted Tikki to bring Marinette back to Master Fu.

Fifthly, what would've happened if Tikki was taken from Marinette? As in, since Marinette was never supposed to know that Master Fu existed and Adrien doesn't currently know, how would that affect them when they lose their kwamis? My heart hurts for Adrien.

Sixthly, how did he know that Adrien and Marinette were made for each other? He said that on the third day after Adrien and Marinette met. (Sept. 1 was Ladynoir, Sept. 2 was Marinette being mad at Adrien, and Sept. 3 was the day Gabriel let Adrien go back to school.)

Seventhly, why is the Moth Miraculous so small? It was much larger in Origins and the wings were much, much longer. It's so tiny in the Collector.

Eighthly, are the Agrestes aware of the fourth wall? Adrien breaks it in Origins part 2 and Gabriel appears to stare at the camera at one point.

As I process more things and rewatch the episodes several times, I'm sure more questions and discrepancies will pop up. What are everyone's thoughts?