I was just watching the episode "Dark Cupid" and I noticed that in Marinette's valentine poem to Adrien:

(original francais)

Tes cheveux brillent comme le soleil

Tes yeux sont du vert de la chance,

Je te regarde et me demande,

tes pensees et reves

Oui, ta valentine je serais,

Notre amour sera si vrai,

Ensemble pour l'eternite,

Mon coeur t'appartient.

(English translation)

Your hair shines like the sun,

Your eyes are lucky green,

I look at you and wonder,

Your thoughts and dreams.

Yes, your valentine I would be,

Our love will be so true,

Together for eternity,

My heart belongs to you.

Not only does the English translation rhyme perfectly, but try reading it... or rather SINGING it, to the music of the theme song "Miraculous".

The only difference in Marinette's valentine poem is that every other line rhymes, rather than the very next line.

Another day, I'm back at school,                   (Your hair shines like the sun,)

I think about him, he's so cool                      (Your eyes are lucky green,)

He looks at me, I look away                         (I look at you and wonder,) 

But does he see me anyway?                      (Your thoughts and dreams.)

Oh-oh-oh! He's got me spinning around,     (Yes, your val-en-tine I would be,)

Uh-uh-oh! My feet are off the ground.         (Our love will be so true,)

Uh-uh-oh, And when the sun goes down,    (To-geth-er  for  e-ter-nit-y,)

That's when I become...                               (My heart belongs to you.)