Hey, Pastelmonster here! If you haven't seen spoilers, and are too tired of waiting, and are too lazy to search it up, here's some spoilers just. For. You!

Most of us (pretty much all of us) have seen the party and Le Grande Paris Hotel, owned by Mayor Bourgeois. There were pictures/screenshots taken of Marinette and Adrien dancing and hugging! The fandom's theory, is that Adrien asks Mari to dance, and she says no because she does not dance well. But Adrien pulls her by the hand anyway. Another theory during the party, is that the group will be playing Truth or Dare, and someone dared Chloe and Marinette to kiss, or something like that. Some/Most of us have seen another picture of Chloe on the balcony, looking down at the party. Our theory is that it's her birthday. GIVE IT UP ZAG, WE KNOW YOUR PLANS. Anyway...

Ladybug and Chat Noir's new powers. I have Instagram, so I've seen "clear" footage of the ICE SKATING POWERS. I personally LOVE ice skating, but never had the time or money to take classes. We saw what they look like, with the cool crystal ice accessories and stuff, and Plagg and Tikki. I'm not quite sure if those powers are permanent or optional, like if it's a sort of mode they can use whenever they want... We'll see sooner or later (more like later). The other power is when they go swimming. Ladybug and Chat have flippers and LADYBUG'S HAIR LOOKS SO COOL. Sure, I like swimming, but the Spoiler doesn't excite me as much. And there suits look more like wet suits, too.

The last thing I will Spoil about, is the NEW AKUMATIZED VICTIMS. Princess Fragrance is coming back, Jagged Stone's assistant Penny will be akumatized because she's in love with Jagged Stone, and he will never love her (*sarcastic tone). Also people NEED to remember that LILA IS COMING BACK. HawkMoth SAID SHE WILL BE BACK. So looks like to me, battle of the Volpinas; Alya is the new Volpina, Chloe is Queen Bee, and more fights over Adrien.

Wellp, that's all for today kids! Pastelmon out!

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