disclaimer: Im not new to miraculous ladybug since I've watched it from when they started releasing season 1 episodes but this is my very first article so please keep this in mind and most of this is my opinion. Whether u agree or not please do not judge this. Thank you

New miraculous holder: Queen bee

we all know that chloe is going to become Queen bee but how? Marinette and Adrien were given their miraculous after doing an act of kindness and heroism. But i don't believe Chloe has the heart to do anything like this. I also think its highly unlikely that she will steal one even though her character is mean enough. so here comes the theory- she becomes kind....

Chloe becomes a kind character

Right now it is quite hard to believe since she is incredibly rude and doesn't seem to bother about others and the impact her actions have and will make. But over time she will learn that love conquers hate and that her actions have consequences, the episode Despair Bear shows viewers chloe needing to become nice to satisfy her friends which becomes quite a struggle, this will most likely happen again for her in a crisis where she realises being nice is the way to go. Im hoping that she befriends her classmates and apologises for her mistakes and isn't the mean girl anymore...that space can be left for lila....

Now once she has become well-mannered and kind she will have a chance to have a miraculous. She could do an act of heroism or kindness or even be chosen by another miraculous holder (marinette or Adrien) to get her own miraculous. Once with the miraculous she will meet pollen and learn her abilities. My main concern is that she may remember Tikki from when she found her on the floor in Princess Fragrance and that she will remember Marinette owning her.