Ok this is just my fanfic theory. So there's 6 miraculous hoders. A fox, peacock, moth, turtle, bee, cat and ladybug.

First my theory is the one who is behind the mask.

Ok first let's talk about the new volpina. So in the picture it doesn't look like Lila anymore. They made it in shadow so everybody will be thrilled to found out who they are.

MLB Hero

It looks like a some one in ponytail. It also looks like Alya - Marinette's best friend-. I think that Ladybug will be not sure to trust her because of Lila. She ask Volpina or Rena Rouge if she can trust her. Alya hug her and said that she can be trusted.

Now the bee miraculous holder or Queen Bee. In this photo it looks like it's the same with Volpina. Someone in a ponytail. Many people said it's Chloe because of the Zag heroes. My reason that it will be Chloe because Master Fu choose her to be Queen Bee 'cause her kwami is the only reason her ego decrease.

Now for the peacock holder. It maybe or maybe not Adrien's mother. I think that she is the holder of the peacock miraculous because think about it. She didn't appear in person in any episodes of season 1. They just show this picture in season 2 opening song.

Now for the turtle miraculous holder or Carapace. The current holder of it was Master Fu. But, his age wasn't cooperating with him. I think he did the same with Nino -Adrien's Friend- what he did with Marinette and Adrien. I think Wayzz -Kwami of the Miraculous- told him about the history of the miraculous holder and made Nino suspects Adrien and Ladybug is a miraculous holder.

Now my theory of their weapons

Of course we all know that Vollpina have a flute that creates illusions because of Season 1 Episode 24. Her illusions may help to confused the akumatized person.

Now for Queen bee. I think her weapon will be like Ladybug but different design and different size. I think her special powers is Bee Swarm. Now  her bee swarm is like a magnet but, bees. All the bees around her will follow her orders and it will last 20 second (I think).

That's all i can think of a theory now if anyone have a question. Please message me but, I'm only available during Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Bye!!!