Well....for people who think he is ehhhhhh close enough but it looks like they are siblings.First, just because the voice actors are same doesn't mean they are the same.Second,there skin color isn't the same and don't say "it's because the light in Hawk's lair is too bright.Not to say you are wrong or right.But who nose get it.Ah it's a pyrimad joke.But,i agree with both.Look mrs.agreste is she la paon.Pleas note:if you wish to read this is a spoiler:LA PAON a.k.a.MRS.AGRESTE IS HAWK'S BOSS.But how could hawk moth be gabriel if in simon sayz he was captured.huh huh.welp i think Gab and Hawk are siblings hawk is gab's evil twin bro.
Agreste FT Gabriel

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