So since zombie trope episodes have been very popular and used a lot in various shows. I was thinking lately as a episode idea for Miraculous Ladybug that maybe there should be a zombie episode of the show. If Miraculous Ladybug were to get a zombie episode later on, I was thinking that it will be about Hawk Moth akumatizing a male civillain which turns him into a akumatized zombie villain and the akumatized zombie villain has the ability to turn anyone into a zombie by bitting them. So the akumatized zombie villain goes off and turns everyone into zombies. However Marinette, Adrien, Chole, Alya, and Nino are the only ones who did not turn into zombies and now they must undo the damage by devilizing the patient zero which would return everyone back to normal.

So what do you think, would this work if we were to get a zombie episode of Miraculous Ladybug?