Starting with victims in season 1! First six!

Stone Heart- was the first victim to get akumatized twice, his secret power is with very attack he grows he is made out if stone with light green eyes, his akuma item was a paper ball.

The Bubbler- The Bubbler someone who is a Dj and he is one of Adrien’s friends when he got a akumatized Gabriel Agreste decided it wasn’t good idea to throw a party for Adrien Agreste, his weapon is a bubble wand with it he can trap peooke in bubbles that can only break with Cataclysm the bubbles will float in the air.

Mr.Pigeon- Mr.Pigeon is someone who is able to make pigeons follow in his very command, defeating Mr.Pigeon was tricky for Cat Noir since he was allergic to feathers, Mr.Pigeon’s weapon aka akumatized item was his bird call he wanted to bring Paris back to the Pigeons

Stormy Weather- Stormy Weather u believe was the second victim, she lost a contest so Hawk Moth gave her the powers to get the forcast right! Her weapon is her umbrella she is able to make hail,thunder,ice,snow,pretty much any weather you can think of.

Time Breaker- Alix was racing Kim when she skated over her watch when she skated away she got akumatized and turned into Time Breaker anyone she touched would be frozen in time forever even they would fade away. Time Breaker had the power to go back in time by how many minutes she got her akumatized item is her roller skate.

Copycat- Copycat got jealous of Cat Noir because they both love Ladybug but Cat Noir made him mad so he tries to make Cat Noir seem like a villain to get him thrown in jail Cat Noir falls for a trap his a akumatized item is a photo of Ladybug.