HI! I'm going to try to keep this short and simple, nothing more than a spot to come for everyday info when needed.

if you are new to the miraculous fandom, welcome! and if you are simply reading this because you are bored, well you might learn something new, but the three points i am documenting in this is casual miraculous info that if you have been here for long you probably already know. but please, read anyway.

number 1: many people have come to me and asked what gives Ladybug and Cat Noir their powers. now you might think: 'well duh! their miraculous!' and i did too, but its actually the Kwami. the miraculous is simply a container to hold the Kwami until it has a holder. the Kwami itself holds the superpowers that changes the human into an acrobatic, vigilant crime fighter. as you have probably seen in an episode, when the miraculous is being worn the Kwami will be free to roam. but when the magic words are said, the Kwami at once is placed back into its container, but the difference now is that the power of the Kwami is filtered through the miraculous and into the wearer.

number 2: I am pretty sure you've figured this one out by now if you have seen part one and two of Ladybug and Cat Noir's origins. come on everyone we have to face the truth that Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth. at the beginning of part one, when he has just obtained the butterfly miraculous, and is talking with one of the 'akumas' he pulls out a locket with a picture of Adrien's mother (his wife) and tells the 'akuma' that he needs the power of all the miraculous together. which is something to think about while watching other episodes, because everything hawkmoth does is to gain the power he needs to bring back his dead wife. 

number 3: okay! last and shortest. this is a simple question i get all the time and can now finally answer! how did the little boxes containing the miraculous suddenly appear at Marinette and Adrien's houses? the Master sent his Kwami to deliver them during Marinette and Adrien's school, probably Adrien's house first seeing as Adrien got home less then fifteen minutes later because his father (Hawkmoth) didn't want him going to school.

thanks for reading! hope this gave you a good summary to start your Miraculous fandom!