I was wrong, I was completely wrong, There got that out of the way

So we all know the news, So I have the confession to make to be honest the main reason I hated the Idea of Gabriel being Hawkmoth was that Hawkmoth … is a moron, We expected to believe that this is our main villain A Guy who can easily get his hand on the stones he wants so desperately for some reason and yet he does nothing, But now I taking a step back a rethinking that a bit. Which leads to the question, Is some kind of psychological warfare?

See there are things That Hawkmoth did that just seemed stupid to me:

He tells Lady Wifi to remove the mask and not the earrings (And We know, that he know how the stones work, so why?)

He has A Miraculous RIGHT THERE He can easily use.

And Everything he did in Simon Says. (He nearly died!!)

But now we see he has many levels of manipulation.

So is it an act?

It just seems too much if he’s doing it for his wife, So … Is there something missing?

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