Who is Hawk Moth?

Everyone's been wondering who Hawk Moth is, some say maybe it's Gabriel Agreste, some say not him. Well, here's my theory...

My First Theory

I think Hawk Moth IS NOT Gabriel Agreste. Hawk Moth have Mrs Agreste photo, but that doesn't mean he's Gabriel. Maybe they both fell in love with the same woman and when Gab get to marry Mrs. Agreste, he went so mad, and something must have happen, and Mrs Agreste disappeared into some kind of realm, maybe, idk. Now, he wants to take revenge. He want LB and CN Miraculous so that he could bring Mrs. Agreste back. Just like in TMNT. When Hamato Yoshi (Master Splinter) and Orukku Saki (Shredder) fell in love Tang Shen, and Hamato Yoshi get to marry Tang Shen, well, ya'll know what happened. But, my point is, I don't think that Hawk Moth and Gabriel Agreste is the same guy, that's my first theory. 

My Second Theory

Hawk is not Gab and Gab is not Hawk, why? Because you see, the place and the career of suspect. Hawk's lair is so dark, there are no lights. And there are so many butterflies in it. And the window only open when there's someone having negative emotions. Gab is a fashion desgner. And a fashion designer cannot work in dark. There is no way that Gabriel will be Hawk Moth in the dark until someone have negative emotions. (Does he have N.E.A (Negative Emotions Alarm)?

My Third and Last Theory

The episode Simon Says, Gabriel is turned to butterfly and how can he be at the lair. Hawk Moth encourages Simon Says to take down Gab. It could be some siblings revenge.

My Speculation

Hawk Moth is not Gabriel Agreste. So, tell me people, what do you hink of my theories. 

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