You used to scare my fish. From now on, my fish will scare you!

—Silurus, Miraculous Adventures Issue 2

The fisherman is a man who likes to fish at the Seine. In the Miraculous Adventures story "Trash Krakken Part 1", after having a lousy day of fishing, he gets akumatized by Hawk Moth into Silurus, a water and catfish-controlling supervillain.


Physical appearance

The fisherman is a tall man with tan skin. He has light brown hair and dark eyes.

Civilian attire

The fisherman wears a khaki fishing hat, a plain white shirt, and green pants. He also wears a khaki vest with four pockets on the chest, dark green pants that are tucked below his brown boots which go below his knees.

As Silurus

He has chartreuse-colored skin, and his eyes are solid pale yellow. His suit is turquoise around the torso with three chartreuse spots and dark blue in the forearms and legs from his waist to his feet. The suit covers the top half of his face with a dark blue mask, and two catfish-like whiskers protrude from his cheekbones. At the top of his head, the suit has a chartreuse crest, and it has a fin on the back as well.


The fisherman is fine overall, but he can lose his impatience when dealing with disappointing situations, upset about being unable to catch any fish and getting splashed because of a beach ball.

As Silurus, he is vengeful, proud, and furious. He strongly believes that the Seine is only meant for fishing, not for other leisure activities like swimming. Angry about the civilians ruining his fishing by scaring off the fish, he lashes back at them with catfish and his fishing rod, even willing to drown his foes. Silurus also has little patience for those ruining his schemes, getting enraged at Cat Noir for trying to get rid of his catfish.


As a civilian

The fisherman is skilled at fishing.

As Silurus

Silurus can control the water and catfish. He holds himself high above the river and travels around with a waterspout. With voice commands and gestures, he controls the catfish to go out in any direction and/or attack anyone he desires. Also, Silurus is able to create catfishes comprised out of water for crashing into opponents. However, a strong enough blow, like from Ladybug's yo-yo or Cat Noir's Cataclysm, can destroy his waterspout or water-formed catfishes, His fishing rod is his tool for hitting targets, like humans and objects, or hooking them to pull them towards him or yank them into the water. The rod is able to hook onto his water-formed catfishes as well.


Comics and books


  • Silurus' name is taken from Silurus, the genus of catfishes that are native to Europe and Asia.
  • Silurus is similar to Mr. Pigeon in that they both have the power to control a particular animal species.
    • However, unlike Mr. Pigeon, Silurus can control water as well.
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