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Aha! Chloé doesn't have any friends!

—Doorman, "Princess Fragrance"

The doorman is an employee at Le Grand Paris.


Physical appearance

The doorman is a very tall man with very short hair, dark eyes, and thin brown eyebrows.

Civilian attire

He wears a white shirt and a red tie under a formal black suit with red accents on the collar, along the gold buttons, and around the cuffs, and he has black pants. He also wears white gloves, thin round glasses, and a red hat with a black peak and gold accenting the center equator.


The doorman is agreeable, but he takes his job very seriously. He doesn't let Marinette enter the building in "Princess Fragrance" when she didn't give him enough reason to. However, he does have a more relaxed side, as seen in the episode "Pixelator" when the villain offered to take a photo of him and Kim.




Doorman not doing a good job
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