And now, a Quarter-Super-Plus Heavy Kick, and Flying Hyper Storm! Triple head combo, Marinette style!

Marinette, "Gamer"

Ultimate Mecha Strike III is a fighting video game.


  • IRON ‒ looks like a black version of the Iron Giant from the movie of the same name.
  • R2D3 ‒ looks like a black and pink version of R2D2 from Star Wars.
  • NAD03 ‒ looks like a black cat with green eyes.
    • Reference to Dan (the third supervisor).[1]
  • 2TO ‒ is white, red, and pink.
    • Reference to Thomas Astruc.[2]
      • Could also be a possible reference to C-3PO from Star Wars
  • WI2NY ‒ looks like a black version of Bender from Futurama with red accents.
  • UFO.GR ‒ looks like a black and green version of Goldorak (Fr.) from UFO Robot Grendizer
  • MX-01 ‒ looks like a black triangle with green accents.
  • MX-02 - appears identical to MX-01.
  • LB-03 ‒ looks like a ladybug.






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