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The Turtle Miraculous is a bracelet that, whenever Wayzz inhabits it, transforms the wearer into a turtle superhero. The bracelet is currently owned by Master Fu.


In general, the bracelet is a light green stone shaped as a turtle, with black string tied through holes in the turtle's head and tail to make a loop. The stone has six triangular carvings on its shell, along with carvings on the edges of the shell.

List of owners


The Great Guardian and the current Turtle Miraculous holder.



Comics and books


  • Turtles are a symbol of stability, longevity, and protection.
  • During the theme song, the Turtle Miraculous briefly appears in Master Fu's chest.
  • In the theme song animatic, the Miraculous is an Ouroboros, a serpent eating its own tail. It is a symbol of self-reflexivity, cyclicality and eternal return.[1]
  • It is currently the only Miraculous with a known holder where its activated form is not known.
    • Its powers were originally announced to supposedly be revealed in the Christmas Special, but it did not end up happening.[2]



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