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Season 1


My moustache, I groomed it. Is it too short? Should I shave the whole thing off? Maybe it's a little crooked on one—
Good, 'cause Mom's right. There's only one Marinette, and we're counting on her.


My day begins at four am every morning because the bakery opens at seven. You think that the life of a baker is pretty routine, making the same pastries, rolls, cakes... but actually, it's different everyday. One day someone might order a cake in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, and another day you might—
You're also accusing all of your friends like Chloé's doing to you!

Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)

Listen, I know how upsetting and scary this is, but don't worry, sweetie. We've got two superheroes looking out for Paris, and the best way of helping them is to show them that we are not scared, because we trust them.
Then uh.. I'll save them. Superbaker to the rescue!

Simon Says

Sometimes, I just can't figure that girl out.

Guitar Villain

My daughter, famous album cover designer. You're going to kill it, Marinette style! Booyah!


Well, [Marinette] did learn from the best, Tom style! Booyah!
Well, then, uh, maybe you could use a few tips, you know... Dad style.

Miraculous: Tales from Paris

Busy Day

Sorry, Rose. These macarons all have to look the same for our customer. But don't worry, I'll make a special heart-shaped batch for Valentine's Day.
As for the snacks, I recommend these delicious macarons. I heard they were made by a bunch of super girls.

Homework Essay

Thanks to love sweetie! When you love what you do, and you love who you’re doing it with everything becomes a piece of cake.
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