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EV S01EP08 (30)
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Tikki is the kwami that is connected to the Ladybug Miraculous, where she stays with Master Fu when not active. Currently, she lets Marinette Dupain-Cheng transform into Ladybug.

Before Season 1

When the idea of creation came into existence, Tikki was the first being to come into existence. She has lived since the dawn of the universe. In ancient China, she met a mage who crafted her Miraculous, allowing her to finally help humanity. For over 5,000 years, Tikki helped people transform into superheroes in order to save the world. She started in China and went to Egypt, Greece, Namibia, Japan, France, Mexica, France, Mexico and Vietnam. She stayed last with Master Fu.

Season 1


In "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)", Marinette opened the box that held the Ladybug Miraculous, releasing Tikki. Tikki tried calming Marinette down when they first met, but Marinette threw books at her until she caught Tikki underneath a glass. Tikki explained to Marinette what she was (a kwami), the powers she granted (Lucky Charm and Miraculous Ladybug), the duty that was given to Marinette (purifying the akuma), and how Marinette would be able to transform. She emphasized that Marinette could not tell anyone about her existence. She convinced Marinette that she was her friend and had Marinette transform into Ladybug. Together, with the help of Cat Noir, they took down Stoneheart. However, Marinette forgot to capture the akuma, allowing it to multiply and create more Stonehearts. Marinette felt guilty and took off the Ladybug Miraculous, much to Tikki's protests. Because Marinette did not want her, Tikki was trapped in the Ladybug Miraculous.

OR-2 (466)

In "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", Tikki was still trapped in the Ladybug Miraculous. Marinette tried to give her Miraculous to Alya Césaire by putting the Miraculous in Alya's bag, but Alya didn't take her bag with her when she went after Stoneheart. Because Alya was trapped, Marinette freed Tikki being delighted that she would come around and transformed into Ladybug. With the help of a parachute and Cat Noir, they took down Stoneheart again. The next day in the rain, Tikki teased Marinette for her growing crush on Adrien and hugged her face.

TB grumpy Tikki

In "The Bubbler", Tikki started off the day by being flung off Marinette's chest when she woke up. At lunchtime, Tikki had Marinette transform into Ladybug to find Hawk Moth's newest victim. When Ladybug found Bubbler at the Agreste mansion, they used Lucky Charm to break apart the slow dances. This caused Ladybug to detransform. Tikki scolded Marinette for selfishly using Lucky Charm. Tucked away in Marinette's purse, Tikki ate cookies to replenish her energy. When she was ready to get back in action, Marinette was not. They didn't transform until Ivan was bubbled and sent to space. They and Cat Noir were bubbled, once freed with Cat Noir's Cataclysm. Together with Cat Noir's help, they defeated Bubbler.

MP (349)

In "Mr. Pigeon", Tikki went with Marinette to the Trocadéro to help her brainstorm her derby hat designs. When she saw Xavier Ramier, she gave Marinette her inspiration for her derby hat. They went back to Marinette's room and made the derby hat, but quickly left when they realized Marinette forgot to pick up a feather. They went back to the Trocadéro to grab one, but couldn't return home due to Mr. Pigeon, so they transformed into Ladybug. With Cat Noir, they chased Mr. Pigeon throughout the city, stopping at Le Grand Paris and ending at the Grand Palais. By turning Mr. Pigeon's pigeons against him with a bag of popcorn, they defeated him with time to spare before the design competition.

SW Tikki about to transform

In "Stormy Weather", Tikki hid in Marinette's hair while she babysat Manon offering words of encouragement. She went with Marinette to the park where they found Adrien in the middle of a photoshoot. Because of Stormy Weather terrorizing people in the park, they transformed into Ladybug. Along with Cat Noir they chased Stormy Weather across Paris, cornering her on the KIDZ+ studio roof. One smartly placed Cataclysm on a billboard and one captured akuma later, Ladybug and Cat Noir saved the day. Marinette detransformed and she and Tikki returned to the park. Tikki encouraged Marinette to "have some fun" and join in on the photoshoot.

TK Three forms of Ladybug

In "Timebreaker", Tikki stayed with Marinette to watch over the Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie while Tom and Sabine went on an anniversary dinner. She tried helping Marinette with her homework, but ended up doing the opposite by distracting her. Because Marinette needed to be at the Trocadéro within five minutes to get to Alix's and Kim's race on time, she and Tikki transformed into Ladybug and hurried across Paris. Tikki tried getting her to go back to the bakery after the race finished, but Alix ended up being akumatized so they retransformed into Ladybug. When Cat Noir protected them from Timebreaker's touch, they followed Timebreaker back into the past. Where Past Tikki confirmed for Past Marinette that Future Ladybug was who she said she was. After Past Marinette helped Nadja with her cake, Past Marinette and Past Tikki transformed into Past Ladybug and went to join Future Ladybug and Cat Noir. The two Ladybugs helped Cat Noir and managed to save the day. The two Ladybugs merged and they returned home.

CC (3)

In "Copycat", Tikki tried helping out Marinette come up with ideas for asking out Adrien, but Marinette couldn't speak with him without stuttering. She suggested calling Adrien. Since Marinette didn't have his number, she called Alya over to her house to help. Tikki went with Marinette to erase an embarrassing voice mail off Adrien's cellphone. She rather they went to the Ladybug and Cat Noir statue ceremony instead, but the search took too long and they missed the entire event. When they found out Cat Noir was in trouble due to a villain who looked exactly like him, Marinette and Tikki transformed into Ladybug and went to find Cat Noir. They tracked him down to Théo's studio. Ladybug saw through Copycat's ruse and freed Cat Noir with Copycat's Cataclysm. Using a spoon, Ladybug and Cat Noir defeated Copycat and returned the city (and the Mona Lisa) to normal.

PH S01EP06 (745)

In "The Pharaoh", the previous week, Ladybug was hanging from a helicopter and dropped a Histoire textbook which was Marinette's own textbook. Then, Tikki came up with a plan on getting it back: invite Alya to the Louvre under the guise that Marinette found out something about Ladybug. She went to the Louvre with Marinette and pointed her to an ancient papyrus. When Marinette stalled, she insisted that the papyrus was what they came to look at. The Pharaoh arrived, prompting Tikki and Marinette to transform into Ladybug. They fought the Pharaoh, but was immediately thrown aside. Despite Cat Noir arriving, he was thrown into a sarcophagus until Ladybug freed him, but they were still trapped in the exhibit. Until Cat Noir freed them with his Cataclysm, but they had to part ways so he could charge up again. Ladybug ran to help Alya but became stuck in a time-shifting bubble until Cat Noir freed them. Outside of the museum the heroine went to save Alya while Cat Noir distracted the mummies. The only way to keep Alya completely out of danger was for Ladybug to sacrifice herself and take Alya's place and tricked the Pharaoh into going after a fake pair of earrings and stole his necklace. Ladybug saved the day and returned the Louvre back to normal. Back in Marinette's room, Tikki explained that she was over 5000 years old, has watched over every Ladybug--including the Ancient Egyptian Ladybug, and reassured Marinette that she was an excellent Ladybug.

LW S01EP07 (858)

In "Lady Wifi", Tikki helped Marinette with her homework when they got back to Marinette's room after an akuma attack. Then reading a note she was shocked that Alya might have discovered Marinette's identity until Marinette assures her. The next day after Lady Wifi attacked Mr. Damocles, Tikki said Marinette was going to fight her best friend, Alya, who had been akumatized. But Marinette clarified she was going to save her. They transformed into Ladybug and staked out the Le Grand Paris with Cat Noir. When Lady Wifi arrived in Chloé's room, they entered, freed Chloé and fought Lady Wifi. But the villainess trapped Ladybug in Le Grand Paris' kitchen in an attempt to take her Miraculous and reveal her identity. To do that she made the heroine use her Lucky Charm in order to free Cat Noir. With her partner free, Ladybug waited for him to stop Lady Wifi's powers by destroying the WiFi antenna on the hotel's roof. When he did, the heroine hurried to help him, defeat Lady Wifi, and return the city to normal. Running out of time, she ran downstairs and detransformed in a closet and Tikki agreed on the close call. The next day, Tikki commended Marinette for not telling Cat Noir her identity, but understood that Marinette really wanted to tell him.

EV S01EP08 (197)

In "The Evillustrator", Tikki was in Marinette's purse when Marinette went to the library with her group to work on their particle physics presentation. When Chloé was attacked by several berets and a hairdryer, Marinette and Tikki transformed into Ladybug. Ladybug, with the help of Cat Noir destroyed the hairdryer. They tried taking down the villain too, but he got away. Instead, Ladybug and Cat Noir went to Le Grand Paris to investigate why the Evillustrator was after Chloé. Ladybug left Chloé's room in a huff, leaving Cat Noir to guard Chloé. Back in Marinette's room, Tikki helped Marinette calm down enough to remember her physics project. She hid when the Evillustrator entered Marinette's room and in Marinette's purse during the Evillustrator's birthday party. After they got off the boat, they transformed again into Ladybug. They followed Cat Noir back to Le Grand Paris, helped him protect Chloé, defeat the Evillustrator, and returned the city to normal. The next day, after hearing Marinette tell Adrien several times that he was awesome. Tikki told her that she needed better control over her emotions.

RC S01EP09 (327)

In "Rogercop", Tikki went with Marinette and Tom to Career Day at school and heard Marinette and Chloe accuse everyone of stealing Chloe's bracelet. When Rogercop came into the classroom demanding to know where the mayor is and they quickly leave. Before transforming, knowing that Marinette nor anyone else stole Chloe's bracelet Tikki assured Marinette that she'll find a way to make things right and transform into Ladybug. Upon confronting Rogercop they try to remind Rogercop of the true purpose of being an officer but he doesn't listen and sent them flying. Then, Ladybug meets up with Cat Noir on top of Rogercop's car and confront the villain but got knocked off causing the heroine to fall. But they're fine when they catch Cat Noir with their yo-yo and they followed Rogercop to City Hall. They sneak inside to deal with Rogercop and was soon joined by Cat Noir using Chloe's bracelet and oven mitts they defeat him and return everything to normal.

DC S01EP10 (69)

In "Dark Cupid", at the end of class Tikki and Marinette discover a love poem written by Adrien. Upon reading it the kwami quickly understood that Adrien is talking about Marinette which leaves the girl jumping for joy until she heard Marinette say she wants someone to pinch her. Thinking she meant it Tikki does but Marinette told her not really which caused her to laugh. Later, she helped Marinette with writing her own love letter. After the letter gets mailed they see that Kim had been akumatized and transform. Ladybug finds Dark Cupid and tries to stop the villain gets into a fight but manages to hide. Until they meet Cat Noir who tries to confess his love for her but gets hit by Dark Cupid's arrows. Now consumed with hate Ladybug has to fight her partner during their scuffle the heroine realizes that love can save him but the cat runs away. Using a candy apple and freeing Cat Noir from the spell they were able to defeat Dark Cupid. Returning to the mailbox Tikki tells Marinette that she can retrieve her letter now. But with everything that happened Marinette lets the letter get delivered to Adrien with Tikki knowing today is a big day for her.

HF S01EP11 (501)

In "Horrificator", Tikki went with Marinette to school as the students were in the process of making a monster movie. When everyone begins to notice that students are beginning to disappear, Tikki and Marinette discover there's an akumatized victim and they transformed into Ladybug. Soon they are met upon by Cat Noir while fighting villain one by one it keeps taking more students and as the duo try to fight it they find out that the villain draws it's power from fear. They all follow Horrificator to the maintenance room to find the other students trapped in pods but can't break them open. During the fight Ladybug's lucky charm gives her a pair of guitar strings using music Ladybug and Cat Noir were able to purify the akuma and free everyone from the school.

DB S01EP12 (976)

In "Darkblade", returning home from a successful mission Tikki asks Marinette what she was working on. When Marinette tells Tikki that she made a magic box to protect her diary then becomes worried that Marinette's secret identity will be revealed but Marinette assures her that won't happen. As Tikki tries to grab it the box traps her once out, she hears from Marinette class representative elections are starting. She convinces Marinette to run but she doesn't think it will work with her responsibilities as Ladybug but urges her to try. Then, at City Hall when Darkblade and his knights attack then Tikki listens to Marinette's problem with the students and Cat Noir needing her help and she advises Marinette to trust her instincts. With the students safe they transform into Ladybug and rescue Cat Noir while fighting the knights the duo notice that the knights are trying to get to the flag. Despite their best efforts the villain manages to get his banner, but with a windup toy they were able to stop Darkblade's conquest and return everything to normal. Tikki was proud of Marinette for doing a good job as a class representative and as Ladybug.

TM (75)

In "The Mime", after returning home Tikki praises Marinette for what she did for Alya. But when Marinette accidentally deletes Alya's video she tries to calm her down. Then, sometime later, Tikki discovers that Marinette stole Ayla's phone and suggest that she comes clean right now before digs herself into more trouble. Before transforming Tikki gave Marinette a disapproving look about her plan; while trying to make another video Ladybug discovers that Mr. Haprèle had been akumatizied. They meet with Cat Noir and just as a fight was about to ensue The Mime traps them in a cage but it soon disappears as he leaves. The duo follows the mime who's heading for a theater troupe bus and gets the passengers to safety using a shoe box and the villain's powers against him. They were able to capture the akuma and return things to normal. After the show they did an interview with Alya after detransforming Tikki told Marinette that she is lucky to have a friend like her.

PF (621)

In "Princess Fragrance", after defeating an akumatizied villain Tikki got sick with a cold and asked Marinette to take her to a healer. But with her already late for class she agrees to take Tikki after school. However on her way out Tikki accidentally got flunged out of Marinette's bag and ended up with Chloe. Then, given to Prince Ali as a gift; things went from bad to worse when Princess Fragrance attacks and she managed to get away until Marinette found her in Prince Ali's car. Despite her condition, Tikki still wanted to help Marinette transform but she denies it not wishing to make the same mistake. Once healed and before transforming Tikki hears from Marinette that  she is more than just her kwami sharing a quick hug. They transform into Ladybug and hurry off to stop the akuma with a close pin on her nose Ladybug wasn't affected by Princess Fragrance's perfume with help from Cat Noir despite being controlled the perfume cloud disappears. Using a balloon Ladybug was able to grab the perfume bottle, cleanse the akuma and return everything to normal.


During "Animan", Tikki follows Marinette to the zoo for her date with Nino but it doesn't turn out well and to make matters worse Animan lets all the animals out of their cages causing a rampage. Hiding Tikki asks Marinette why she didn't listen to Alya upon hearing her answer they'll worry about it later and transform. Quickly meeting Cat Noir, they don't find catching Animan or putting the animals back in their cages easy. Soon all the animals get loose in city going back to plan A; the duo discovered he escaped and is looking for Kim. They quickly spot the pair and manage to restrain Animan long enough for Kim to get away but he escapes again. Following Kim to the bakery after Cat Noir puts a tracer on him, once there they use his wristband and a shoe box and then a nearby bus to trap him until he transforms into T-Rex. Upon using a car jack and yoyo to restrain him, Ladybug captures the akuma and returns everything to normal. After Marinette forgot about Alya Tikki reminds her things could've been worse if she found out Marinette was the Ladybug that put her in the cage with Nino.

SS (318)

In "Simon Says", Tikki heard from Marinette that due to her absences from school she's grounded. Agreeing with her that it wasn't fair but also understood Marinette's parent's actions because they had no idea that she was trying to save the world. But seeing that she was upset about missing Nino's chance to perform Tikki cheers her up by saying if Marinette makes on time she won't be grounded next week. During the show the akumatizied villain Simon Says attacks having no choice, they put Marinette's pillows under her sheets to appear that she is asleep. Once done they transform into Ladybug and heads off to the tv studio; finds Nino, hears from Cat Noir that Simon Says is after Gabriel Agreste and heads off to his mansion with the boys. Despite their best efforts Simon Says army captures Gabriel Agreste so they follow back to the studio by using a regular yo-yo the duo was able to stop the villain. During Nino's second performance he asks Ladybug and Cat Noir to appear they transform again heading to the studio .

PX (276)

In "Pixelator", Tikki went to Le Grand Paris Hotel with Marinette and saw that she was assigned the job of gopher and first task is to find a special pair of glasses for Jagged Stone. But seeing Marinette taking the easy way out of her task, Tikki told her it's better to do things right the first time then, gets spotted by civilians and pretends to be a cat. After the first pair of sunglasses get rejected Tikki told Marinette to get creative having idea they went home and finding an old pair of sunglasses Marinette decides to make them with Tikki adding on that Jagged Stone will like them. Once done they head back to Le Grand Paris Hotel, she kept Marinette on task and after the glasses were delivered Tikki praised her by saying that hard work always pays off. Right after noticing Pixelator they quickly transform, rescue Jagged and with a compact mirror being bounced off Cat Noir's staff they were able to defeat the villain.

GV (381)

In "Guitar Villain", Tikki helped Marinette who was picked to create Jagged's new album cover by reminding her to follow her gut feeling and that Jagged chose her because of it. When Tikki heard that she can't deal with the pressure the kwami becomes surprised as they save Paris on a daily basis. After leaving the hotel and hearing Chloe talking to Adrien about Jagged she finds Chloe talking in third person very annoying as well as praising Marinette for following her instincts. However creating the new album cover was put on hold when they both see a flying dragon and transform into Ladybug, at the concert along with Cat Noir they were able to stop Guitar Villain, save XY and return home with enough time to make another album cover. Once Tikki sees the finished result she says Jagged Stone will love it and does an air guitar solo with Marinette; after the cover is delivered Tikki was proud of Marinette for doing a good job.

KF (540)

In "Kung Food", Tikki watches Marinette who's trying to learn Chinese so she could speak with her great uncle who's coming to Paris for a cooking contest at the Le Grand Paris and Tikki praises her for doing a good job. Then, after Chloe sabotages Wang Cheng's dish and gets akumatized into Kung Food Tikki hears Marinette say she shouldn't have rattled up Chloe. But Tikki comforts her knowing she'll find a way to fix things before transforming Ladybug. With Cat Noir, they battle Kung Food's minions while heading to top the way of the hotel. Together they manage to save Chloe, Marinette's uncle and return everything to normal.

TG (237)

In "Gamer", once Tikki reminds Marinette that she was working on her term paper with Alya they immediately rush to the school. But they discover the courtyard is empty, hearing music Tikki hides back her bag. It turns out that the students are trying out for spots in a video game tournament. When Marinette beats Max out of his spot, Tikki told Marinette if she wanted to be with Adrien there are other ways to do it. Reminds her that Max had been practicing for a long time, at home the kwami also reminds Marinette that Adrien will be coming to her house. Seeing the state of Marinette's room, Tikki tries to calm her down by saying that he won't come right away but upon hearing the doorbell she was wrong and quickly helped hid all the pictures. In the midst, of their practicing Tikki came out and sat on top of a picture of Adrien which Marinette quickly hid. While at the park they saw that Marinette's selfishness caused Max to get akumatized. With a quick save from Cat Noir, Tikki and Marinette transform into Ladybug along with the cat at the stadium they were able to beat Gamer in a showdown and return Max to normal.

RK (375)

In "Reflekta", during class photo day Tikki sees Marinette steal the memory card in an attempt to break Juleka's photo jinx. But Tikki disapproves of her plan, refusing to play any part but advises Marinette seek out a better way when Sabrina and Chloe come into the principal's office Tikki quickly hides. Soon Chloe's selfishness causes Juleka's akumatization and the duo transform into Ladybug along with Cat Noir (who's already had a face-lift.) They confront Reflekta at the tv studio and with a camera they were able to return Juleka to normal. Back at the school, hearing Marinette admit she was right instead of erasing the photo Marinette comes up with another way one that makes Tikki happy.

TPT (680)

In "The Puppeteer", after Manon goes home Tikki points out that the Ladybug doll needs fixing and when she sees Marinette give Manon one of the other dolls. The kwami points out if ever villain they faced had baby doll eyes, then Ladybug would be powerless, then their trip to the movies is put on hold when Alya turns into Lady Wifi. After leaving the train and Marinette disliking the idea of her partner in her room, they transform into Ladybug, once Lady Wifi is defeated the duo discovers Puppeteer has the real akuma. They head off to the news studio to confront her; despite being outnumbered by mind controlled villains including Cat Noir. Ladybug manage to defeat them all and reunite Manon with her mother.

AB (286)

In "Antibug", after Chloe gets attacked by another akumatized villain named Vanisher Tikki and Marinette transform to save her. Using glitter the duo was able to defeat her returning Sabrina to normal but to due Marinette not believing Chloe. The girl gets akumatizied into Antibug but due to using their Lucky Charm they were detransforming. Tikki left with Marinette to recharge her energy while doing so Cat Noir got into trouble still needing time Tikki advised Marinette to save him. But she was hesitant until Tikki tells her she is a hero with and without the costume and that she doesn't have to do everything alone, thanks to Marinette's quick thinking her partner was saved. Once recharged, they transformed again after a fierce fight using a bag of marbles and a well placed Cataclysm they stopped Antibug and left to destransform.

VP (1095)

In "Volpina", at school Tikki discovers that Adrien has a particular book and that a new student named Lila had enrolled the school. Tikki asked Marinette if she was jealous of all the attention she was getting and the two follow the duo around until Tikki confirmed that the book is special. Hearing all of Lila's lies even Tikki was impressed by her skill, but after Lila dumped the book in the trash she tells Marinette to take care of Adrien while she gets the book. Tikki flies to the trash trying to get it but had difficulty until Marinette helps once the book is secured. Having enough Lila's lies they transform into Ladybug and chewed Lila out for deceiving everyone including Adrien. Which leads to her being akumatizied into Volpina after a battle with her on the Eiffel Towel. Tikki apologizes to Marinette as they won't be returning the book saying that it's information is invaluable and took her to someone who's been looking for it.

In "A Christmas Special", Tikki was celebrating Christmas with Marinette and her family until Marinette comes up to her room looking for her present which Tikki finds. Then, when she heard that Adrien went missing they transformed into Ladybug to look for him, Ladybug manages finds to him and thought he was being held captive by an akumatized villain but when Santa Claus explains that he wasn't they leave. But Ladybug's mistake led to him being akumatized for real. Along with Cat Noir they chased Santa Claws through the Paris streets using a box the duo manages to grab Santa Claws' hat, purifying the akuma and save the holiday.

Season 2

TC (49)

In "The Collector", Tikki took Marinette to the massage shop they went back to when she was sick. Where Tikki introduced her to Master Fu and Wayzz while their wielders were talking over who Hawk Moth could be Tikki and Wayzz were playing on the phonograph. After Marinette thought of who Hawk Moth was, Tikki quickly left with her expressing disappointment that Marinette wasn't being honest. But when she concludes that their archenemy is Gabriel Agreste, Tikki advised her to be careful before transforming into Ladybug. At the Agreste Mansion along with Cat Noir they came across The Collector after a hard fought battle they discover that the akumatized villain was Gabriel Agreste where they believed they were wrong (but unknown to them Marinette was right.) Afterwards, Tikki sees Marinette being honest with Master Fu and her wielder accepting him as a teacher and ally.

PQ (16)

In "Prime Queen", Tikki watched a video on Marinette's computer worried that her secret identity would get revealed on Nadja's tv show. However, Tikki was assured by Marinette that she only agreed to ensure the citizens safety. But when she warned her to be careful tonight, Marinette thought it wasn't till tomorrow but the video claimed the show was tonight the same time she had to babysit Manon upon hearing her Tikki hid. Sometime later, she listened to Marinette's decision whether to go the show or not but remains supportive of her choice, they transform into Ladybug and left for the television studio. After Nadja pried too much about the heroes' personal lives Ladybug and Cat Noir leave which led to the show's cancellation and Nadja's akumatization. After the duo found and saw that Prime Queen had captured and trapped Chloe on a speeding train, the heroes followed suit once Chloe was saved. They left to save Alya but ended up trapped in a freezer instead, thanks to masking tape and luring Prime Queen over them. Ladybug and Cat Noir were able to capture the akuma and save Alya before returning home.

DSB (63)

In "Despair Bear", during a cooking class given by Marinette's father Tom; Tikki smelled something delicious and asked Marinette if she could have a taste but was told by Marinette to wait and control her sweet tooth. Which caused her to laugh in amusement but was shocked after hearing the fire alarm and hid in Marinette's jacket. At a party being hosted by Chloe the akumatized villain Despair Bear attacks after their quick escape Tikki reminds Marinette of the task at hand before transforming. Despite with Cat Noir's help, the villain's constant hopping around didn't make him easy to catch. Soon Ladybug fought against a controlled Cat Noir but thanks to Chloe's help and a fork they were able to free the cat and stop the villain.

RP (357)

In "Riposte", in the locker room Tikki commented that Marinette looks good in fencing gear and yet she hesitated on not being able to make the team but Tikki assured Marinette she'll do great. After a mysterious fencer had a duel with Adrien and lost seeing that Marinette felt bad about the decision Tikki tried to cheer her up knowing that she has a chance to get on the team. Afterwards, they noticed an akuma and quickly transform into Ladybug to catch it but it already akumatized the mysterious fencer into Riposte who was after Adrien. Ladybug battled her from the rooftops all the way to Louvre Museum and with Cat Noir, Ladybug defeated Riposte. After watching Adrien and Kagami make amends Tikki agreed that Adrien considering Marinette as a friend is a good start and when she says that Marinette may need to work on her fencing. Tikki engaged in a playful fencing match against her.

Befana - Tikki and Ladybugs

In "Befana", Tikki was happy that today was a special day Marinette's birthday and had a gift for her just for the occasion giving Marinette a kwagatama. But when Tikki tried to explain the process she became disappointed that Marinette wasn't paying attention. Marinette told Tikki that she was waiting for Alya who was planning her surprise birthday party. Not knowing how surprise parties work she took Marinette's clues literally. Then when Tikki saw that Marinette didn't like the candy her grandmother gave her asked why she didn't tell her. Marinette says she wanted to spare her grandmother's feelings but things go from bad to worse when Marinette's grandmother gets akumatizied into Befana and attacks the party. Needing to transform they tried while hiding behind the bushes but got interrupted by Cat Noir and using her time at the Eiffel Tower they transform into Ladybug.

After a fierce fight involving a tuba and a Cataclysm on a fire hydrant the duo saved Marinette's grandmother. Back at the party Marinette loved the gift Adrien gave her, although Tikki found it strange; when Marinette said the same thing about hers it caused her to become irritated. But her irritation turned into joy when Marinette cherished her gift too.

In "Robostus", Tikki went with Marinette to school and the two noticed Max who was talking to his best friend in his bag which is actually a robot named Markov. Upon hearing Max's concern about Markov and seeing the robot's akumatization, Tikki understood why he was worried and transform into Ladybug. Meeting up with Cat Noir the duo tried to reason with Robostus, but they get tossed out of the school and fight Robostus's army throughout the city leading to the stadium. During their fight Ladybug and Cat Noir got captured and almost had their miraculous taken by Robosus who wanted to make a wish to become human. But thanks to Max's intervention, a Cataclysm on Robostus's robot and a harp the heroes were able to stop the villain. Afterwards, Tikki and Marinette went to Master Fu's shop while their wielders talked Tikki enjoyed tea with Wayzz and listened on the consequences of what would happen if Ladybug and Cat Noir ever lost their magic jewels.

In "Dark Owl", during most of the week Tikki transformed Marinette into Ladybug to save The Owl who was actually Mr. Damocles trying to be his own hero. After saving him for the fifth time Ladybug and Cat Noir talked on the rooftops on how to deal with him. Throughout the night Tikki watched Marinette prepare the costume and a pair of fake Miraculous until she fell asleep. After Marinette finished school the next day Tikki transformed her and went with Cat Noir to Alya's house to ask a favor. Once they staged everything for The Owl, things took a disastrous turn which caused The Owl's identity to be revealed. By nightfall, Tikki was dancing to a music video on Marinette's computer until she became shocked that their plan caused Mr. Damocles' akumatization and that Dark Owl planned to harm innocent animals. After that they transformed into Ladybug and went to the stadium leading to a brief fight with the villain but resulted in the duo using their powers and tricked into a trap.

To fool Dark Owl, Ladybug and Cat Noir detransformed and Tikki saw that Marinette's partner was Adrien but she shushed Plagg who was surprised by the situation. While inside the crate when Adrien found that he still had his ring Tikki closed his mouth before he could say anything. She shared a macaron with Plagg to recharge,transform again and were freed with Cat Noir's Catclysm. After another fight with Dark Owl the heroes discovered that the akumatized object isn't on him but back at the school. Once there and setting off a chain reaction with a comic book Dark Owl was defeated, with The Owl becoming a hero smaller scale. Ladybug and Cat Noir had more free time, Tikki and Marinette went over to Alya's house seeing that the girls were having fun Tikki quietly laughed.

GT (719)

In "Gigantitan", during an attempt to plan a date with Adrien a baby named August was akumatized into Gigantitan knowing that the romantic outing was on hold Tikki and Marinette transformed into Ladybug. Meeting up with Cat Noir, Ladybug figured out that the akuma was in Gigantitan's bracelet but found it hard to get to with the villain's constant distractions and complicated plans. After using gift wrapping disguised as a treat the duo was finally able to get the bracelet, returned August back to normal and reunite August with his mother. Afterwards, they detransformed and Tikki took a rickshaw ride home with Marinette and her friends.

GL (1240)

In "Glaciator", Tikki and Marinette transformed into Ladybug along with Cat Noir they saved people from a runaway bus. Then, went with her to have an evening out with her friends at Andre's ice cream stand when the kwami saw that Marinette was disappointed that Adrien wasn't coming. Tikki told Marinette that she could still have fun and asked if she could have some ice cream too. Later that night, Tikki tried to comfort Marinette who was disappointed in herself for her attitude towards Andre by telling her that she just had a bad night. Noticing that Marinette wanted some time alone and she went back to down to Marinette's room. After Marinette returned Tikki pointed out that she was amazed by the thoughtful side of Cat Noir's personality before transforming into Ladybug.

Meeting with an angry Cat Noir, Ladybug received a cold shoulder from him about missing their date after apologizing the heroes pretended to be a couple to get close enough to Glaciator. Using a helmet, motorcycle and a makeshift propeller they were able to save Paris from being buried in a mountain of ice cream. The next day, Marinette and Tikki arrived at Andre's ice cream stand and when Tikki got a taste she found the ice cream delicious.


In "Sapotis", Tikki came with Marinette who joined Alya for a sleepover at her house until Alya's younger twin sisters got akumatized into the Sapotis causing a ruckus in the house and then escaped into the city. Seeing the Sapotis' destruction Tikki and Marinette transform into Ladybug, meeting Cat Noir they discover that there are too many Sapotis' for them to handle understanding the purpose of the teapot Lucky Charm Ladybug figured out that the team needs help. After destransforming Tikki and Marinette went to Master Fu's shop and explained the situation understanding the Guardian allowed them to temporarily to take another Miraculous and Tikki watched Marinette take the Fox Miraculous and transform back. With the help of their new ally Rena Rouge the trio were able to stop the Sapotis and after returning the Fox Miraculous; Tikki and Marinette enjoyed the rest of the sleepover.

GZ (1059)

In "Gorizilla", as Marinette swooned over Adrien's new ad while eating Tikki helped Marinette move the spoon to her mouth. The kwami continue to watch Marinette's swooning until they were alerted by a cellphone call from Alya, after Marinette rushed out the door. Tikki caught up to remind Marinette that she was still in her pajamas then hid in her bag. After being chased by Adrien's fan mob the two friends made to the movie theaters with Adrien. Until Gorizilla bursts through the ceiling and kidnaps Adrien seeing her friend in danger Tikki and Marinette transformed into Ladybug. But with the villain's brute size, strength and Cat Noir nowhere to be found Ladybug found it difficult to fight alone but used a toy helicopter to get out of the villain's grip. When was Adrien falling Ladybug called for her partner but after Gorizilla let her go the heroine caught him and the two safely landed on the ground. With their time running out Ladybug had to hurry with "Adrien" acting as bait and Cat Noir finally arriving they were able to stop Gorizilla.

After an exhausting day they detransformed and went home, Tikki was told by Marinette that she had the best day ever but seeing her conditions Marinette switched it to the worst the day of her life. Until Tikki listened into another call from Alya and her friends begging for more details and heard they're still at the pool.

CH (587)

In "Captain Hardrock", Tikki came with Marinette to Juleka's mother's houseboat to help Juleka's mother Anarka Couffaine prepare for the musical festival. But that was put on hold when Anarka was akumatized in Captain Hardrock. Then, after Marinette and everyone became prisoners below the ship once the coast was clear Tikki phased through the chain setting Marinette and Luka free. Quickly finding a place to hide Tikki and Marinette transformed into Ladybug and upon meeting Cat Noir the heroes tried their best to control or anchor the ship with no success. After using a chain and tying it around the compass the ship ran a ground leading to Captain Hardrock's defeat and everyone having fun at the music festival.

In "Troublemaker", Tikki was watching the show from Marinette's computer. Then, heard Jagged and Penny coming upstairs and quickly hid, once Marinette found her room live on camera. Tikki tried to keep her calm to no avail, things went from bad to worse when Penny was akuamtized into Troublemaker. Afterwards they transformed into Ladybug and meet up with Cat Noir however they had trouble fighting the villain with her intangibility. Despite that using a plate, super glue and playing a risk the heroes were able to save Penny.

The next day, Tikki asked Marinette if she was okay and was informed that Marinette was never going to convince her parents to have a tv show at their house. Tikki commented on that if Marinette wanted the whole world to know her secrets, after hearing Marinette's conversation with Adrien at school. She told her that she can relax and praised Marinette for her progress as the two shared a laugh and a head nuzzle.

In "Frightningale", Tikki was watching Clara Nightningale's video as Marinette tried to do the moves and agreed that she was amazing. But when she heard that Clara was doing her next video to honor Ladybug and Cat Noir, Tikki tried to remove Marinette's shock. After Marinette received Alya's call she was concerned that Marinette was auditioning for Ladybug but was assured that she was going as an extra. Proud of her wielder's decision Tikki kissed Marinette on the nose before heading towards the shoot.

When Clara picked Marinette to be Ladybug Tikki praised her for not giving into the temptation but becomes shocked when she does agree. In the dressing room Tikki was completely amazed at how much the costume looks like the real deal but received an apology from Marinette for giving into the temptation. After the shoot was cancelled Clara was akumatized into Frightningale then Tikki and Marinette transformed into Ladybug. Both heroes found it difficult to fight her until Ladybug and Cat Noir became affected too forcing them to sing and dance. By using a pair of handcuffs they were prevented from being turned into statues and with Cat Noir's Cataclysm they destroyed Frightningale's mike and saved the shoot.

In "Zombizou", when Ms. Bustier got akumatized into Zombizou. Tikki heard Marinette say that they won't let Hawk Moth get away with this and transform into Ladybug. After meeting the villain, Ladybug distracts her long enough for everyone to escape. Locating the missing students the heroes decided to take Chloe to the tower but along the way they lost all their friends. Using makeup remover Ladybug was able defeat Zombizou and cleanse the city.

In "Syren", once all the animals were contained Tikki told Marinette if she wanted to catch the movie she should've headed in Alya's direction. After the Fox Miraculous had been returned, she and along with Wayzz begged Master Wang to tell them the recipe for modifying their powers. But was given a stern warning of what would happen if they knew and went into hiding. After the first attempt was a failure, Tikki went with Marinette to the cinema. However, the movie was cut short due to Syren's flooding after escaping to the roof and separating themselves from the others they transformed into Ladybug.

And yet, Ladybug found it extremely difficult to fight Syren underwater. Once Ladybug summoned her Lucky Charm and received a potion bowl she understood to seek out Master Wang Fu. Detransforming they find him still trying to figure out the right ingredient and when assured by Marinette they'll find it Tikki and Wayzz covered their ears. Upon completing the potion Tikki transformed into "Aqua Tikki" and they transformed again now on a level playing field. Ladybug and Cat Noir were able to beat Syren and saved Paris from being a swimming pool.

Tikki loved the idea of putting the potion ingredients into macroons calling them "Magicroons". She greatly admired the blue one being told by Marinette it's pretty icy.

In "Reverser", after Tikki and Marinette read Marc's Diary of Ladybug book they were both amazed by the boy's story. However during Operation Comic Book Tikki watched with Marinette from her balcony took a turn for the worst when Marc was akumatized into Reverser. After evading Reverser's arrows they transform into Ladybug but in the middle of their confrontation the heroine got struck by an arrow causing her to become very clumsy. Even with Cat Noir arriving the hero became a scaredy cat because of Reverser. Despite that they knew the villain was after Nathaniel and found him along with Alix at the Louvre Museum. At the Eiffel Tower along with their help and a bamboo roll they were able to save Marc.

In "Anansi", Tikki went with Marinette and her friends to watch the FIFA World Cup fireworks while on the ferris wheel. Until the trio was attacked by Nora who was akumatized into Anansi realizing her mistake and needing to save Marinette's friends she and Marinette transformed into Ladybug. Even with Cat Noir's help, Anansi was too strong to fight alone. After a lucky charm a candle was summoned Ladybug sought out Master Fu for help while Nino held off the villain.

Arriving at Master Fu's shop, Tikki and Marinette detransformed and explained the situation to the master. While Marinette chose the Turtle Miraculous the kwami finished eating a macaroon and retransformed. Giving the Turtle Miraculous, Nino and with the help of their new ally Carapace and his power of protection the heroes were able to stop Anansi and save Alya.

In "Sandboy", Tikki was in bed with Marinette when she noticed the kwami being really quiet Marinette asked what's wrong. Tikki explained that today was Nooroo's birthday and he was all alone. But Marinette assured her that they would free him one day making it a promise when the kwami spoke of a faster way. She told Marinette that kwamis are able to speak with other kwamis on their birthday or cycle however if the chance was missed they would have to wait a really long time for the next one. Also Tikki mentioned that the opportunity was tonight leaving Marinette surprised that she wasn't told sooner.

Because they knew that kwamis weren't allowed to leave their wielder's side in case of danger. And yet, Tikki explained Plagg's plan that she and Plagg would go join with the other kwamis while Wayzz kept outlook. With Marinette agreeing Tikki was overjoyed that she had permission to leave and hugged Marinette promising not to disappoint her leaving through her window with a marker. Meeting up with Plagg on a rooftop, she got annoyed that he called her Sugarcube and retorted by calling him Stinky Sock. Plagg asked Tikki what made up story she told her wielder but said she told her owner the truth and hoped they could get in contact with Nooroo.

As they arrived at Master Fu's shop duo was asked by Wayzz to wish Nooroo a happy birthday if they contacted him. In their magic world in the miracle box she and Plagg were greeted by the other kwamis and Tikki presented the marker to them. Sass expressed joy that their owners were able to let them come and Tikki tried say Marinette's name but bubbles came out of her mouthinstead. That was when she was reminded by Plagg about the magic spell that prevents them from saying their wielder's names. But when Sass mentioned the guardian Tikki was pulled away by Plagg to the dance floor. When it was time to find Nooroo, Tikki got into position and started singing after awhile she expressed doubt that they wouldn't make it.

After Wayzz joined in, she and the other kwamis connected but with Hawk Moth instead of Nooroo. When the villain tried to track them down they all cut off the connection but realized if they contacted Hawk Moth then someone was akumatized. Then, she, Plagg and Wayzz flew out of the box to find their owners, upon finding them Tikki pointed out Plagg's owner but was told that wasn't the real one. And informed Marinette that the plan didn't work, afterwards they transformed despite fighting their worst fears they defeated Sandboy.

She returned to Master Fu taking responsibility for what happened along with Marinette and Wayzz. Tikki also apologized to Marinette for failing but she was comforted by her understanding that she had good intentions and will always have her trust as they embraced each other.

In "Style Queen", it was time for Fashion Week and Tikki watched Marinette add the final touches to her hat but also saw her incredibly nervous about it too. But Tikki told Marinette that she made a good choice changing the feather reminding her of Adrien's allergy. Realizing that they were late Tikki hid in Marinette's bag and left for the show, but when Marinette stopped she asked her what's wrong and saw that her wielder freaked out because Audrey Bourgeois came to the event. Despite that the show went well until Audrey was akumatized into Style Queen and turned Adrien into a glitter statue. Afterwards Tikki and Marinette transformed into Ladybug and followed the villain to the Eiffel Tower and yet Cat Noir was no where to be found, then Ladybug used her Lucky Charm and received a mallet. After Ladybug detransformed, Tikki and Marinette sought Master Fu for help and from him they found out that Cat Noir couldn't help.

Plagg offered to help but Master Fu deemed him too dangerous without an owner and Tikki watched Marinette take the Bee Miraculous and re-transform. Returning to the tower and with Plagg's help they were able to stop Style Queen and save Adrien arriving back at the Fashion Show they de-transformed. Tikki told Marinette that she had to return the Bee Miraculous to Master Fu, but when Marinette thought the magic ladybugs brought it back she said they didn't. Realizing the Bee Miraculous was missing Tikki went inside Marinette's bag and tried to go back to get it but was stopped by Marinette's parents. She was assured by Marinette they would go back for it after the show but Tikki was still worried.

In "Queen Wasp", after taking a subway train home Tikki was asked by Marinette on what to do about Audrey's offer. She retorted asking who would protect Paris from Hawk Moth if Marinette left, when her wielder spoke of Cat Noir and their allies. Tikki also reminded her that only a Ladybug can purify akuma, soon figuring out what to do about Audrey's offer would have to wait when Chloe caused a speeding train as Queen Bee. Knowing that Chloe couldn't pull it off on her own and had to retrieve the Bee Miraculous, Tikki and Marinette transformed into Ladybug. But retrieving the lost Miraculous wasn't going to be easy when Chloe refused to give it back and when she was akumatized into Queen Wasp with it.

After avoiding a swarm of wasps and having Chloe come to an understanding the Bee Miraculous was restored and retrieved. Afterwards, when Marinette was going to talk with Chloe she asked Marinette if she was sure of her choice. When the two returned home Tikki was happy that her wielder was staying in Paris.

In "Malediktator", after Chloe decided to leave for New York; Tikki like everyone else took pleasure in it because less people would be akumatized. But the party was halted when Malediktator appeared, Tikki and Marinette quickly hid and knew that Chloe akumatized one last victim before she left and they transformed into Ladybug. Even with Cat Noir through an abacus the heroine knew they needed help and sought out Master Fu. Tikki and Marinette went to Master Fu's shop and explained the situation understanding she watched Marinette pick Bee Miraculous again but was doubtful and advised her wielder to trust her instincts. Afterwards, in looking for Chloe, Tikki saw that Malediktator had struck her parents too and through Chloe's presentation they knew where her lair was and retransformed.

Together with Queen Bee, a catlike Cat Noir and with a laser pointer the trio was able to stop Malediktator.

In "Frozer", after helping a delivery man on a runaway hanglider. Tikki and Marinette went off to school and after talking with Adrien, Marinette was left awestruck and she was asked what happened but even Tikki wasn't so sure. While at the ice rink with Adrien, Kagami and Luka she was talking with Marinette in the bathroom asking why she looked sad.

In "Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)",

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