• I know this might seem a silly subject to bring up, but I've honestly been wondering if the real Santa Claus actually got akumatized. I mean, he introduced himself several times to be Santa, and told Adrien that he was very busy at Christmastime. (even though in France, his name is supposed to be "Pere Noel." I know its spelled wrong-- please don't judge me) Anyway, I was just thinking. It would be pretty cool, actually. And be honest if you reply, guys; if you think this was a silly thought, go ahead and say it, as I really don't care. ;D

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    • I'd been wondering the same thing, actually, since the answer to this was never made clear in the episode. One point against him being the actual Santa Claus is that his sleigh just has two horses instead of eight flying reindeer, but one argument for him being the actual Santa Claus is how he introduces himself as such to Gabriel. I think this was intentionally left ambiguous by the writers.

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    • Probably... but as I mentioned, Pere Noel and Santa Claus are basically the same people but I really haven't done much study on French Christmastimes and traditions and stuff. It might be different about Pere Noel when it comes to the horses/reindeer but idk.

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