• I... am going to go out on a limb here and say that the Turtle does NOT grant Master Fu longevity. It seems to me that there are three paths: All Miraculouses grant long lives (this does not seem to work, because of the distinct lack of long-lived Ladybugs and Black Cats), a long lifespan is part of the Turtle's powers (possible and the usual speculation), or no Miraculous affects how long you live and Master Fu's long life comes from magic from....



    Frankly I was just going to posit a loose theory about him using a different kind of magic, but something just struck me. Season 2 Spoilers ahead.

    Let's say for the sake of argument that Master Fu's long life has nothing to do with the Turtle Miraculous. I initially figured it was intended to go to the Great Guardian, which I one thought was a legacy title, something that was passed down, like how the name Santa Claus is in "Arthur Christmas". So that way, the Miraculouses were always under the protection of the Turtle. In hindsight, this doesn't make a lot of sense since the Turtle has a spot in the box, but whatever. Going back to what I was saying. We now know that "Great Guardian" is just a title for Master Fu, as he is the last of the Guardians. It might itself be a legacy title, but it no longer seems related to the Turtle Miraculous.

    Now, to the thing I abruptly realised in the middle of typing a sentence.

    What if Master Fu knows firsthand the power of a wish? Or rather, what if Master Fu knows firsthand the cost of a wish? What if Master Fu once tried to use the combined powers of the Ladybug and the Black Cat? This isn't the first time I've speculated this, but my initial theory was thrown out when the nature of the "ultimate power" was explained as being in the form of a wish. Of having a desire come true, no matter what that desire is. I'd originally figured he tried to use their power and it backfired. But it's possible it worked as intended. The wish thing seems to work on equivilent exchange- if you want someone back from the dead, someone else will die. If you want humanity like Markov, someone else will lose their humanity. If you want to end a war, another war will start. The world must remain in balance. So, if Master Fu wanted a longer lifespan, then the lifespan of others must be cut short.

    It's possible these lost lives came from his fellow Guardians, as they were nearest. Master Fu's wish caused a domino effect that caused the temple to be destroyed, forcing him to flee with the Miraculouses and the Spellbook, eventually losing two of the Miraculouses and the Spellbook.

    Master Fu uses the Turtle Miraculous, perhaps the least assuming of the seven, because he needs the magic to keep the Miraculouses safe (and a long-lived friend to keep him company), and to protect the people he chooses to bear the Miraculouses. After all, he's protecting them on his own now. So it makes sense he'd take on a Miraculous, and one that might have less... volatile powers than the remaining Fox, Bee, Ladybug, and Black Cat have.
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