• Did anyone notice that Animan is Alya's dad? And that that has never been mentioned? And that Alya is super close to figuring out Marinette's secret? I think we're getting very close to the unveiling of the new team...

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    • Otis being Alya's dad was first shown in the Christmas Special, actually. So people've known about it for a while.

      I don't know if Alya is close to figuring out her secret or not, but she's got reason to be suspicious. But she might not be. I mean, would you find it easy to believe your best friend is the most famous superhero in your city if not in the country? Sure she jokes with Marinette in "Simon Says" and "The Pharaoh" about Marinette leading a double life or not being immediately stricken from her list of "people who could be Ladybug" because she didn't have her history book, but at the same time, like I said- who would believe their BFF is a superhero?

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    • Alya's glare at Marinette in Prime Queen as she was about to leave and then happily telling her to go, along with her using that glare again later on when telling Manon "Marinette will be back before you can say Super Manon", definitely implies that she at the very least suspects Marinette of being Ladybug.

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