• WARNING: Spoilers revealed from a two-minute clip for "The Collector" and the rest of Season 2 will be brought up here.

    Now that we've seen the first two minutes of "The Collector", I'm really pleased that we've learned more about Master Fu, the guardians, and the event that caused the Peacock Miraculous, Moth Miraculous, and Miraculous book to be lost. To me, Master Fu is an interesting character that opens up a lot of new information, but I wanted to consider: what happened with Fu and the destruction of the temple?

    Based on the images shown in the clip and Master Fu's dialogue, I think Master Fu made the mistake, but he was led to it by someone with dark intentions. He trails off when explaing things, saying "We... I made a mistake." It sounds like more than one person was involved with what happened, and I think it's the guy that is in the related flashback illustration of young Fu with another man. Fu looks uncertain, pointing at himself, while the man beside him is holding a bracelet(?) and looking like he's reassuring Fu about something. Not only that, but there's an octopus monster in the background, appearing to be attacking.

    My inference (which can be totally proven wrong once we learn more) is that the man is a villain, either a corrupt guardian or a regular man, who persuaded Fu to either use a Miraculous to defeat the monster or give him the Miraculous so he could fight the monster. The result was Fu indirectly/directly destroying the temple in the process of stopping the monster or the man being able to destroy the temple, whether with the Miraculous given to him or while Fu distracted the others so he could attack. The man could even be who Fu mentioned giving a Miraculous to as his only mistake in "Ladybug & Cat Noir". In the disarray, the important objects were lost, which Hawk Moth (as Gabriel or Gabriel separately) somehow learned about and found them years later.

    If I could wildly guess anything from this, I think the man is the higher villain, above Hawk Moth and even Le Paon. With the latter, Le Paon's civilian form could have been or be possessed/corrupted by the man, making her evil and dangerous. Somehow, I feel like this man who strung Fu along, leading to the destruction of a majorly important order, is still going to end up involved with all of this.

    All of this is getting me very excited. It could be quite a while before any of this is expanded upon more, but this is world building I've been waiting for, and it opens up a lot of new discussions for everyone and everything

    Also, Master Fu has become a much more intriguing character. What must it be like, being a child who made a huge mistake that cost a group of trained guardians and left 100+ years later holding that guilt and having to guard the Miraculouses alone? The poor guy has a lot at stake if he can't protect one or more Miraculouses from evil hands, and it's no wonder he used the Turtle Miraculous if he was the sole person tasked with guarding them. After this new information, I'm a lot more invested in Master Fu and how the story will progress for him. In relation, if Master Fu is truly the last surviving guardian, I could really see Marinette or another character being trained to become a new guardian (perhaps more than one). I don't want Master Fu to die (I'm still recovering from the reality he may not be keeping his Miraculous and it going to someone else), but I think it promises an interesting story for a man with the only knowledge left from an order of guardians teaching one or more pupils to lighten his load and continue the task of watching over the Miraculouses.

    What do you think on this new information from the clip and what it means for Master Fu, the villains, the Miraculouses, and the story?

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    • The man in the shot may just be an innocent teacher, and the mention of "we" may in fact refer to the entire order. I'm getting a deep Jedi Order feeling from this news, and we know that the Jedi were brought down by a student gone bad. Perhaps the Guardians were betrayed not by a teacher, but by one of their own pupils who got too greedy and impatient for power. And for all we know, said pupil is still out there still searching for Fu's chest (I am of the belief that all Miraculous bearers get long lifespans, not just the Turtle).

      In any case, it now seems like Fu is desperate to pass the torch of his teachings to a new generation, hence why he's putting everything on Marinette's shoulders with this news. He's suffered through too much and wants to rest, but he has to make sure the Miraculouses are all in good hands first.

      Also, Fu is clearly holding what looks like the book when he's looking back at the burning temple. Assuming the translation wasn't off, how does he go and lose it?

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    • Mmm, now this brings up a question was it ever said how old Gabriel and his wife were? Could he be a guardian or at least the descendent of one?

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    • He's most likely the last and youngest guardian. As seen in this image below, a younger version of Master Fu looks like he's evacuation with the Miraculous book and the Miraculous book indicating he had possession of those items. He also could have been the remaining holder ever since that harrowing event.
      Master Fu - last guardian - flashback 3

      Master Fu evacuating the temple with the Miraculous box and book.

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    • I think you're onto something, though I do wonder what Miraculous that bracelet is, since it's clearly not the Turtle Miraculous, nor any of the known seven. Maybe it's our missing Rabbit. He's also not wearing it in the showing of the destroyed temple, nor is he wearing the Turtle Miraculous. I don't think he started wearing it until he'd already physically aged a lot, since he claims he's "still young". Which could just be him saying that, or it could mean that by using the Turtle Miraculous, his body abruptly ceased to age, or age much at all.

      As an alternative, I think maybe that incident with the octopus monster was only the beginning, one that led to the destruction of the Order. After his defeat of or failure to defeat the tentacle monster, Master Fu got started down the wrong path either because he got too arrogant or because he was angry at his humiliation. I'm fairly certain now that the Guardians are sure as sugar not meant to use the Miraculouses. I think considering the destruction, the bracelet either belongs to the Dragon Miraculous (ought to be powerful since the Dragon is seen as such, and it's a sign that represents heroism to boot), or he tried to use the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculouses and couldn't control their combined power. So the mistake he made was giving himself the wrong Miraculous(es). The Turtle is probably the most humble of all the Miraculouses, in terms of the kind of power it has, and it probably did grant him a long life so he could carry on guarding the Miraculouses.

      I agree that the man with the bracelet is probably a very bad guy. It's either him, or the other guy with a unique design. Which, I think they're brothers. The bearded men, that is. One is evil, one is, or was, good. I think the bad guy still has the Dragon Miraculous, if that's what that is.

      I wonder how this incident caused the loss of the Moth and Peacock, though? Where did they go for nearly 200 years? Were they lost, or were they stolen? How does Tibet play into all of this? Was Fu truly the only surviving guardian?

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    • Maybe Gabriel's ( a relative but he/she has to be older then Gabriel, you choose) was trying to hunt down the Miraculous book and then Master Fu escaped, leaving him to look after the book. And choosing another one of Gabriel's ( another relative, you choose) to look after Nooroo but then the relative gave it to Gabriel. Making Master Fu saying he chose the wrong person because that perosn gave Nooroo to Gabriel.

      And then Gabriel used Nooroo for bad intentions.

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    • well if someone did destroy the temple then it hints that there may be others out there pesides Hawk moth looking for the Miraculouses, maybe more dangers.

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    • SAwatching wrote: well if someone did destroy the temple then it hints that there may be others out there pesides Hawk moth looking for the Miraculouses, maybe more dangers.

      I had the impression Master Fu destroyed it on accident.

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    • I still say it's the classic case of "student gone bad" that destroyed the temple, and Fu's mistake was trusting the student only to be betrayed in the end.

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    • Maetch wrote:
      I still say it's the classic case of "student gone bad" that destroyed the temple, and Fu's mistake was trusting the student only to be betrayed in the end.

      I think it was the other way around. Fu's design leaving the temple is more alike to his design with the boy being handed a Miraculous, he wasn't trained long enough to decipher all of the book, and while he is 186 and "much younger" is rather vague on that spectrum, I feel like that indicates that he was a kid or teenager at that point in relation to the other details.

      My current prediction is that a corrupt teacher or a bad person who wasn't a monk gave Master Fu some bad advice or tricked him, and Fu made the mistake of trusting the person and accidentally destroying an entire temple and the Order as a result. Give credit that Fu took on the blame instead of him and at least one other person, so either way, it could be a teacher regretting his trust in a student or a student regretting his trust in an adult. However, Fu seems to be the younger one here, and I think there's a greater tragedy to the situation and Fu if it was a well-meaning child who was left with guilt over his actions years afterwards.

      On another comment about the involvement of the Agrestes, I don't feel like they have ancestry related to the situation.
      If Gabriel wasn't lying, all we know so far is that he and Mrs. Agreste went on a trip somewhere (most likely Tibet) where by accident or on purpose found or acquired the book and the two Miraculouses. There is so much else we don't know about, like when Mrs. Agreste went missing or how one or either of them figured out/knew what the Miraculouses were.

      They may have not had previous connection to the Miraculouses, making it more dangerous that two people not trained as Guardians got their hands on such information. I would not be surprised if a more sinister force, like the teacher in some form or another culprit, corrupted or manipulated this couple, and if by their own, it makes it a more problematic case that this couple came across a huge positive opportunity but something went horribly wrong.

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    • For all we know, Fu earned that Miraculous and was indeed trained to use it properly, while there was nothing malevolent in the teacher's motives at all. And after how ZAG pretty much went the predictable route with Hawk Moth's true identity, I doubt in their ability to deliver a plot-twist that won't be seen coming a mile away.

      So yeah, I'm still staying with "student gone bad" as the most probable cause.

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    • Maetch wrote:
      For all we know, Fu earned that Miraculous and was indeed trained to use it properly. And after how ZAG pretty much went the predictable route with Hawk Moth's true identity, I doubt in their ability to deliver a plot-twist that won't be seen coming a mile away.

      That's fair to say. For every plot point I hope to be interesting, there are others I suspect to be played straight. However, what matters isn't that the show is full of cliches and expected twists but that the show writes and utilizes cliches and expected twists well. Hawk Moth's identity was obvious, but it opens doors to new story points and relationship conflicts that wouldn't have necessarily been possible with someone else. While some future Miraculous holders' were assumed long before being confirmed, they open up interesting opportunities for stories, relationships, and development for them and those involved. Cliche, unqiue, expected, or unexpected, a story's tropes, plot points, and systems need to be strong that whatever they use feels right or justifiable. The element of predictability can be just as powerful as the element of surprise if done the right way with implications, consequences, and story development. It's not to say that I don't hope for surprises, but I have gotten them in smaller doses in this series, and in the long run, an effective, powerful story is what is desired the most.

      Also, to the show's credit, we don't really know how this information applies to everything yet. There are obvious routes, but unlike with Hawk Moth's identity, people aren't really splitting lines and sides on what this all means yet. Why did the Agrestes go to Tibet? Where exactly were the items lost? What are the details of the mistake? What is being implied with that object hand-off image, and does any of this has anything to do with what caused Mrs. Agreste to mysterious disappear? I'm having fun seeing where the show goes with this, because at this point, I can't make particular sense of much of this, meaning anyone can throw anything at the wall until we see what sticks.

      It would be interesting if Master Fu got the Turtle Miraculous early, although it's hard to tell how the system currently work. We know the guardians delivered Miraculouses all over the world, but did any of them have their own Miraculouses? That could be an interesting detail to learn later on if it does have anything to do with Fu having a Miraculous and continuing to wear it despite being too old to fully use it anymore.

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    • What I notice is the Miraculous in the shot with Fu and the younger adult is one we have never seen before, which is most interesting. It's a bangle, not a jade turtle on some strings. So it's a totally unique Miraculous.

      I mostly agree with Tansyflower, but I also agree with Maetch. I agree with you both, to a degree.

      What I think is that Guardians do not handle the Miraculouses themselves. It doesn't make sense to me that they would. They're Guardians, so their only purpose is to guard the remaining, inactive Miraculouses. This sometimes breeds a lot of contempt for the job, and not all the trainees make it through. One of them either didn't show his hatred at being kept from the Miraculouses for a time, or his hatred didn't come in until later. I think maybe he was a golden child of the school in his day, and eventually came to teach the new trainees about being a Guardian. But over time, he wanted to use a Miraculous for himself. So, the younger of the two men in the flashback creates a plan. As a high-ranking member of the Order, he can access the Miraculouses. But he can't steal one right now without being branded a villain and being hunted or whatever. He manipulates a very young Master Fu into wanting to use a Miraculous himself, and even gives him a taste of the power with the brass bangle Miraculous, which likely is one of the Chinese Zodiac ones and probably easy to handle. Master Fu gets in trouble for it, but doesn't rat out his teacher, who later praises his actions against the giant tentacle monster and tells him he deserves praise, not criticism for using the Miraculous. He continues grooming Master Fu as a perfect scapegoat, and Master Fu tries to use a Miraculous he has no ability to control (or he tries to use both the Ladybug and Black Cat ones together). Because he can't control the power, he ends up destroying the temple and killing nearly everyone in the Order. All except the man who started it all, who may have left with him but we can't see him in the image because he's not up the hill yet (I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if this were true), and he's helping Master Fu escape when something "goes wrong" and causes Master Fu to lose the Moth and Peacock Miraculouses and the book along with his "mentor" who he never once thought tricked him until sometime later. He may not have lost the Turtle because he was able to stop it from falling out, but it and both the Moth and Peacock are right along where the opening is and they're, respectively, the smallest and the flattest (along with the Fox Miraculous). So they could easily fall out if the box is tipped.

      I believe Fu wears the Turtle because I think it's the only one who grants longevity as part of its powers (but this works I suppose even if all of them do) and because it's the most unassuming and least powerful. He doesn't think he can handle nor is he worthy of the other Miraculouses, but he can use the Turtle as needed because of how docile it is and how its powers work and stuff. He chose to wear it eithe because he felt he needed to in order to continue to protect the Miraculousoues on his own, or because he realised he'd been manipulated.

      Something like that, anyway.

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