• What could the Peacock have power over? Peacocks represent a lot of different things. They seem most heavily associated with life and all kinds of sight, both literal, metaphorical, and psychically. Whatever it is would have to be functional in combat, unless the Peacock is like the Moth and is meant to stay out of direct fighting.

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    • Maybe enhanced eyesight and maybe the fan at the back of the peacock could blind people but these are theories so don't take them for granted

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    • I'm guessing it would lean more towards the "psychic" side of vision, if it is vision. Thinking about it, though, I hope they go with "guidance", another thing the Peacock can mean, and give the Peacock the power of suggestion and manipulation. It doesn't fully have the power of control, but it can try and give things a push in the direction they want.

      I think maybe the Peacock changes hands quite a lot as symbolism for "rebirth" and "reincarnation".

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    • Now that you said that maybe she could get people who have already been akumatized angry so that Hawk Moth can akumitize them again.

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    • Maybe the peacock miraculous is derived from the peacock meaning. The Ladybug represents good luck and protection, the cat represents bad luck. Both are opposites meaning that the peacock has to do with it meaning 

      - The Peacock means vision and energy full 

      So it would be true that the Miraculous has psychic abilities as well as energy giving.

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