• So, here's the deal. I want Wang Cheng's article for his "Abilities" to read: "Wang is an excellent cook, who wins the title of The World's Greatest Chef. His most notable dish is [[Marinette Soup]], which he originally called Celestial Soup. While his native language is Chinese, he is able to speak a little English, although he says his abilities are terrible. <!--NO ROLLBACK. I WILL GO TO AN ADMIN FOR HELP IF WE NEED TO SETTLE THIS OUT.--> This in the English version of the cartoon; in the French version, he says his French speaking skills are terrible. <!--PLEASE LET THIS BE.-->". I don't know if anyone knows this, but I'm not a big fan of the English versions of the episodes. I very much prefer to watch them orignially in French, as so their original format, and prefer the French titles of episodes over English titles; and honestly, I sooo would watch the French versions of episodes by themselves, meaning without subtitles if I fluently understood French!

    I hope everythng is cleared up now. Thank you! ~
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    • I understand where you're coming from, but we're sticking to the current system, which is referencing the English version first, the French version second (yet not putting it as the main information in articles), and noting anything unusual between the two in pages' trivia sections. It also comes down to the fact that many viewers of the wiki are children from America/England/other English-speaking countries who are less likely to watch the subbed versions, so we make the dubbed version the first reference.

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    • Okay! :)

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