• When I first saw Alya and Nino interacting in episodes like "Horrificator," I thought it was cute how they acted like brother and sister. I figured the show was trying to shy away from the cliche of the best friend's of the main characters starting to date. But then in "Animan," they started dating/liking each other. Now, I do think they make a cute couple, but it does seem a bit cliche. Anyone else have any thoughts on the subject?

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    • I really like Nino and Alya's relationship. Towards the begin of season one, they appeared to argue and disagree with each other a lot (yet it was charming) and after in Animan, subsequent to being trapped in a cage together, they appeared to develop feelings for each other.

      What I'm seeking after is that their relationship creates and we get the opportunity to explore it in season 2. Moreover, I'm hoping after a curve between their relationship. It was confirmed that there will be new ships and new breakups in season 2. I for one think the separation might refer to Nino and Alya's relationship. I'd love to see new limits, surprising occasions and stories between the two to make it really interesting and exciting further on in the series!

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    • It would be cool if they double dated with Mari and Adrien.

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    • It's hard to have an opinion on something we really know nothing about, isn't it? We never see them interact as a couple. It's not even really official that they are together, exactly. What Nino and Alya actually say is that they found they have a lot in common and that Nino thought he had a crush on Marinette, but something about being in the cage made him realise he wasn't feeling what he thought he was. Because we don't actually have any proof they're together aside from the implication of it, it's possible they really aren't romantic with each other, but have come to enjoy each other's company.

      Like Alya never tells Marinette she can't do something with her because she's got a date with Nino, or Nino never tells Adrien he can't do something because he's going out with Alya that day instead. They're never shown or said to do anything like that together. Nino doesn't get a lot of screen time outside his spotlight episode and bottle episodes featuring the whole class like "Horrificator". Which, speaking of, chronologically is later in the series, after "Animan", so the fact that they act like brother and sister to Tansyflower is a sign they do not really act like a couple. The most you see of a possible reltionship is Nino side-eyeing Alya when they're singing "Smelly Wolf" and the two having an argument where their faces are very close together where, as mentioned in the Gallery for the episode, Nino seems to hope she'll kiss him since he's comically disappointed when Marinette yanks Alya away. But unless you notice those things, yeah, they do not act like a couple. It's a little odd.

      I think the idea is very sweet, but it doesn't seem to actually work in practice. So my guess is they're either going to break up or their relationship will develop so that it's more apparent they're romantically involved, not platonically.

      I hope this doesn't count as commenting on a dead thread since it hasn't been a month yet, but I wanted to add my two cents, since it is an interesting topic we might see more of come Season 2.

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    • I think Nino and Alya make an awesome couple and i hope the admins will forgive me for saying these words but i'v always thought that Nino is one lucky s.b. for scoring a mega babe like Alya.

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