• Being a great lover of Anime, and seeing many fan-opening of various games, movies and TV series, I was wondering what could be good songs to be adapted as Openings and Endings for the Miraculous Ladybug seasons.

    To clarify, I'm NOT talking about the main song, I just want to know your opinions about which songs best represent the various moments of the show.

    An Opening song and an Ending song for S1.


    An Opening song and an Ending song for S2.

    What do you think?

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    • I'd have to brush up on my anime openings and endings, but this is how I would imagine what kind of songs would be in.

      The opening of Season 1 would be something energized and upbeat, something akin (not exactly) to the One Piece and Fairy Tail first OPs. The first season was mostly systematic and not changing majorly in plot, so the song should reflect that season's naiviety and lightness. As for the ending, I think it would be a bit more easygoing and slow, maybe a song about the main duo's feelings for each other.

      We don't know much about Season 2, but it's supposed to be bigger on story and characters. I think the opening song would still be high-energy, but it would take on a more serious tone. Through in some imagery of the new heroes, new villains, and the darker emotional plot going on with Hawk Moth, and it could be a very energizing yet question-raising opening song. The ending could be very somber with a touch a hope. It could easily be a song reflecting of the effect of Mrs. Agreste's disappearance, or it could be about the heroes, old and/or new, struggling with their confidence to be the heroes.

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    • About S2's Opening, I found this English Dub cover of "Peace Sign" (opening from "My Hero Academia"):

      Tansyflower said that S2's Opening could be a high-energy song, and also, reading the lyrics of this song, I think that could be perfect to describe the thoughts of Marinette, Adrien, Chloé and Alya, the 4 most unlikely heroes of the story, keeping (for now) their optimistic ideas about the role of a hero...

      I know that this is NOT a 'new 'song, but I was wondering, talking about lyrics and mood, if this could be good for what we know about S2...

      Unfortunately I could not find suitable songs for the light and comic S1...

      Any ideas?

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