• Is it possible that Plagg can't detect the other Miraculous or kwami because that part of his power has been sealed away? Unlike Tikki, Plagg also doesn't immediately recognise the book and doesn't have interest in it on looking inside it. At best, his memory of it is vague. The book in all likelihood has its own magic. Yet, Tikki recognises it immediately and knows that it's extremely important. Tikki also knows who Master Fu is and that Wayzz is his kwami, but Plagg doesn't notice Master Fu when near him. Since this problem seems to just exist with Plagg, that means the problem could be with Plagg's ability to detect and be detected.

    Plagg has been near three Miraculouses, including his own in "Lady Wifi", and been unable to detect them. He's theoretically been near five of them total, and didn't notice that Lila's Miraculous was fake. The only one Plagg has definitely not been within a hundred yard radius of is the Bee Comb.

    In "Stoneheart"/"Origins Part 2", at the end, he's close to the Turtle Miraculous and Wayzz, but doesn't notice. This might be due to distance between the two, since they are a couple yards away from Wayzz. In "Gamer" and "Evillustrator", he's as close as he can possibly get to the Ladybug Miraculous and says absolutely nothing later. Despite wanting to know who Ladybug is as much as Adrien and wanting Adrien to know who she is. In "Volpina", he's near a fake Fox Miraculous and doesn't notice, and is possibly near the Peacock one. He never tells Adrien that the Fox Necklace is a fake (Tikki, however, sees her buy it and knows that Lila is a liar) and doesn't seem to even SEE the Peacock Brooch despite being right near it. In "Simon Says", if Gabriel is Hawk Moth, he's close to the Moth Miraculous and doesn't seem to notice it, unless that sad look he wears is because he can feel that Hawk Moth is Adrien's dad. In "Lady Wifi", he's unable to detect where his own Miraculous went when it's knocked off Adrien's hand. It's therefore possible Plagg cannot detect other Miraculouses for some reason. Because Tikki never notices him, either, it's possible that Plagg can't be detected.

    As to why his powers of detection were sealed, it might be because Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste, and it's to protect the Black Cat Ring from Hawk Moth. While it means finding Hawk Moth will be harder, it also means that it's safe. Thomas Astruc has said it was "strange" that Plagg didn't notice the Peacock Miraculous, so it seems unlikely that detecting other Miraculous is something only Wayzz and possibly Tikki can do. Tikki, as noted already, seems to be able to detect Wayzz, since she was able to direct Marinette to Master Fu for healing in "Princess Fragrance".

    It's also wholly possible that Plagg was never able to detect the others, but then that raises the question of why Tikki and Wayzz can. Tikki, most likely, might have a self-imposed seal on her ability to be detected and to to detect at the very least Plagg to keep Cat Noir's identity secret.

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    • One thing that never seems to get mentioned in this topic is Wayzz, in Origins 1. After the scene with Nooroo and Hawkmoth, Wayzz says, "Master, the Moth Miraculous. I felt it's aura." If kwami (especially Wayzz, as some people think he has special powers like his master) can sense eachother and their Miraculous at all times, why can Wayzz only sense the Moth Miraculous now, once it is in use?

      Following this reasoning, if Master Fu knows that the Peacock is not in use (which I'm sure he does), and Wayzz can sense other Miraculous, why hasn't he taken back the Peacock, at least for safe keeping? Maybe. . . so it doesn't get into the hands of an evil villain? Fu seems to be half ninja, and has already broken into Adren's house once. So why didn't him and Wayzz take a stroll down the stairs, swing a right, break into the safe the same way Plagg did in Volpina, and grab the Peacock on the way home? They even would have found Master Fu's Miraculous book - 2 for 1!

      The fact that Wayzz has done none of these things leads me to believe that there is no block on Plagg; it's more likely that kwami can only sense eachother while one is transformed, and even then, this may be a ​Wayzz only power. How did Tikki find Master Fu then, in Princess Fragrance? Well, being the Great Guardian, it's possible that all kwami can sense him.

      Finally, there's Gabriel's safe. Plagg lists out the contents of the safe, ignoring the Peacock Miraculous entirely. Then he throws the Miraculous book at Adrien and says, "I've seen this book somewhere before." According to Tikki, Master Fu has been looking for the book for a long time, because it's information is invaluable and he knows how to decipher the code. This makes it sound like the book has been lost for a long time, possibly hundreds of years. Given that Plagg has a bit of a self obsession streak, and he probably never used the book personally, it is really so suprising that he can't immediately recognize someone else's book from (maybe) hundreds of years ago? He knew it was important, delivered it to his partner, and expected his reward. All in all, pretty much all that I expect from Plagg.

      As for the Peacock, and Thomas Astruc's comment on it being strange - that guy is an expert at misleading people. I think they're intentionally only releasing spoilers that will confuse people out of context, so that when we watch the episodes we'll still be suprised. Just look at Style Queen, the 'fashion designer'. So him saying that this is strange could literally mean anything, like Plagg having an ulterior motive for not mentioning the Peacock.

      Anyway, sorry for the long message!! I was actually just thinking about almost your exact question when I saw your post, and you were so thorough that I had to reply in ful! :) Please, let me know if you see this, and find a loop in my reasoning!

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    • I had a long, lovel reply and the wikia deleted it before actually posting it, so I'll just recap it to the best of my ability because I'm kind of frustrated about losing all that I wrote.

      I actually just forgot to mention Wayzz, unfortunately. As Tikki can detect herself in "Timebreaker", which ought to be a useless ability since there's only one of her, it's thus possible that she can actually detect the others, Wayzz included, but yet can't detect Plagg.

      Wayzz may be the actual Great Guardian, Tikki never said it was Master Fu, just a "someone" who is male. This makes sense, as he would be the guardian of the Miraculouses for centuries. He would also be able to read the codes. Also, Master Fu may not have any powers that aren't provided by Wayzz. We don't actually know what the Turtle Bracelet does.

      Wayzz may have been the one who dropped the boxes off, he wouldn't need to go through nearly as much trouble as Master Fu, and if that's the case, he may never have gone near the safe, which may have not even had the Miraculous in it at the time. Proximity may be important to detecting a Miraculous that isn't in use. It seems like it would be a bad thing if they can't be detected by the other kwami in their inert stage, since they could end up like Nooroo much easier. And they're supposed to be a secret, so they should have some kind of protection measure like that on them. Also, even if he did detect it, why would he go to it? We have never been told the Peacock Brooch is missing- he could well think it's with its holder. He can detect if it's used for evil, but can he tell the difference between not being used and being used for good?

      Plagg is too self-important to not tell Adrien he knows something, cuz that would mean looking important and smart. Plus, Plagg is as curious as he is lazy, but shows zero interest in the book. And he doesn't even seem to notice the brooch, which he should definitely recognise. The fact that he doesn't even notice it is what's peculiar, and the fact that he's not interested in the book even though he thinks he might recognise it is another pecularity. Plagg's a pretty curious little guy, so why isn't he curious about why he recognises the book? Even when Adrien asks about Hawk Moth, Plagg is thoroughly disinterested in the book. It's unlikely Plagg wouldn't recognise the book if it's as important as Tikki says it is unless there's something blocking him. Plagg might be lazy, but he rarely complains about being dragged into the ring unless he's eating or he's been made to do it a lot that day (occasionally even indirectly telling Adrien to transform), and he knows what to be serious about. He stops goofing off when Adrien wonders if his father is pulling a prank on him and gets very serious when telling Adrien he can't tell anyone about him. And the book sounds like it's more important than even that is, because Tikki says that "in the wrong hands, that book is dangerous". Yet Plagg doesn't seem to have issues with Ladybug and Cat Noir knowing each other's identities, if anything encouraging it, so there is some leniency to the rule he got so upset about. The only thing I could think of for why Plagg wouldn't even comment about the brooch and only dimly recognises the ultra-important book is that he can't.

      Blimey I hope that was everything I said... Oh yeah- don't worry about the long comment thing, have you seen the things I say on here? Practically novels.

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    • Oh my gosh, the wikia deleted my first reply too! I actually had such a beautiful, well written message wrote up, and then I tried to send it, and. . . Yeah. I almost didn't even write it again, so I know your pain. 

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    • Okay, here’s my actual reply. 

      First – Timebreaker. What Tikki actually says is, “She’s right, I can feel it. She is you, from the future,” So, she’s not confirming that kwami can sense each other after all. If anything, she’s supporting that (all?) kwami can sense a Miraculous that is in use.

      Second – I actually love this theory, of Wayzz being the Great Guardian, because I’ve never heard or considered it before. But, I don’t think it changes my original point, which was that Tikki could have been able to guide Marinette to Master Fu’s through a special connection between a kwami and their Guardian.

      It also doesn’t change the question of, if Wayzz/Fu can sense the location of a Miraculous, why haven’t they retrieved the Peacock Miraculous? They have to know it’s not in use: Both Wayzz and Tikki can sense a transformed Miraculous. Inversed, Wayzz can tell when a Miraculous hasn’t been used in a very long time. Since Fu/Wayzz also keep tabs on their holders (as seen in Animan, Gamer, and Antibug), they should know that the Miraculous is not in use, and its holder has disappeared. So, why didn’t they check on her, discover her missing, take back the Miraculous for safe keeping, maybe even summon Duusu to see what happened to their holder, and then go from there. If the Peacock holder strolled into town the next day, Wayzz/Fu could have given back the Miraculous, no problem. If not, it’s safe from being lost/used by someone not picked by the Guardian (cough, cough, Hawkmoth). So, why didn’t it go down like this?

      Wayzz/Fu must not be able to sense the location of a Miraculous. So, they know the holder is missing and not transforming, but that’s all. Therefore, none of the other kwami can sense Miraculous either, and since there’s no proof a normal kwami can sense another normal kwami, Plagg hasn’t been missing anything.

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    • Part 2! Sorry, I tried a million times and it wouldn't let me post, so I tried breaking it up into parts. Anyway: 

      Sure, it’s weird that Plagg didn’t comment on the shiny Peacock thing in Gabe’s safe. But Plagg does have interaction with the book – he throws it at Adrien and reads it enough to recognize it. If the same block is supposed to be hindering his interactions with both book and Miraculous, why is he able to do this? Shouldn’t the book just be invisible as well? I believe that Plagg must choose to not mention the Peacock Miraculous. Thus, conspiracy theories everywhere.

      So, I think the question we should be asking is; what’s going on in Plagg’s head, such that he either refuses to believe the Peacock Miraculous is in Gabe’s safe, and/or he intentionally and repeatedly distracts Adrien from noticing it. Plagg actually has a lot of really weird facial expressions going on in this scene, from when Adrien opens the safe to when Adrien finds the page on Hawkmoth. It might just be me, but these are some pretty dooms-day expressions, so I feel like Plagg might be having a bit of a crisis here. Anyway, I think this could be a clue as to what’s really going on here, but it’s hard to tell when his expressions change so quickly. If I’ve convinced you at all, I’d love to hear what you think! Personally, I’m kinda thinking of some variation of Plagg knowing that the Peacock was the great mistake Master Fu made, and having that Miraculous incriminates Adrien’s parents of being bad people. Maybe even incriminates Gabe of being Hawkmoth, if Plagg knew that the Peacock was looking for the Moth brooch.

      Anyway, sorry again for the length! At least we’re both novel writers, so you can get revenge by sending me an even longer message, haha. In order to not get my message deleted, I typed it up in Microsoft Word and copy/pasted it into the conversation. Don’t forget to take precautions!

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    • But Tikki isn't saying she can't feel her own power in Ladybug, either. While it's true that it's never verified that Tikki isn't sensing the kwami's power (regarding herself and Fu/Wayzz), but the link between the kwami and the holder, that doesn't really change the fact that Tikki has never sensed the link between Plagg and Adrien or that Plagg hasn't sensed the one between Tikki and Marinette. As long as it's implied Tikki can sense ohter kwami/bonds, then there stands to reason that there's something blocking out Plagg's ability to sense and be sensed.

      They may have no idea Hawk Moth is the one in possession of the Peacock Pin. At present, it's in a safe. Suppose Wayzz did check on it, but that's all he knows about it. It's in a safe, possibly in the recent bearer's home. He has no reason to distrust anyone in the house, especially if there's already two Miraculous holders in the household (the Peacock and the Black Cat). Since it's implied Gabriel is never around, he may not have been home for when the box with the ring was dropped off. And still, even if they DO know, Gabriel might have taken the Peacock Pin with him, so Wayzz wouldn't be able to detect it at all since it's not in the house. He may have put the pin in the safe during the events of Simon Says, since he does look at the safe, implying he either put something in it or took something out. He doesn't need to wear the pin, just keep it on his person. If it's a memento of his wife, there's no reason why he wouldn't do something like that.

      I dunno if I ever said they can detect the location directly of the inert one, just the power of it. I suggested they can detect it if they get close enough. Think of it like this: you can't detect a missing phone, but you can hear it ring and/or vibrate if you're within a certain range of it. It could be like that. Wayzz may either have not been in range to detect the inert Miraculous, or they can't detect them at all when inert.  For the sake of my argument, I propose they can detect them while within a certain range, unless they're in use, when they can detect them on a much broader scale. Which again, Plagg never notices Tikki nor is he ever noticed, and Plagg never seems to notice when Wayzz is near.

      (Don't worry, I've been forced to break up entries, too)

      A fair point. I was about to ask wehat the reason is, but then you had a whole paragraph to it. Which I'll get to. I think Plagg can't notice other Miraculouses, but the book is slightly different. Because it contains information about the Miraculouses, he might have been allowed to notice it, but his disinterest in the contents is related to the reason his ability to sense and be sensed. It could be that Plagg is simply too much of a blabbermouth- remember that he wants to know who Ladybug is, too. Or there's a deeper reason to why Plagg isn't allowed to know much of anything regarding the other Miraculouses.

      That is a good point, and I do like that. Plagg is protective of Adrien and does want him to be happy, that is also possible. Although, if he didn't want Adrien to notice the Peacock Pin, why give himt he book that has the brooch in it?

      Fu's mistake could well be the Peacock Pin, or it's one we'll never find out about. It's also possible that Adrien's mum wasn't a bad person, but having a Miraculous directly caused her disappearance.

      I don't think either of us is exactly wrong- both situations are possible, and it's possible we're both half-right. Factoring in the evidence we have, there's nothing to say either of us is exactly wrong, after all.

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    • Okay, from the top to the bottom:

      But that's the thing, it's never implied that Tikki or any other kwami can sense any bond between kwami and holder, other kwami, or other Miraculous not in use. The only thing kwami are shown to be able to sense is a Miraculous in use (as in transformed). Therefore, Plagg has no block. 

      Okay, let's say Fu/Wayzz can and did check on the Peacock Miraculous and see that it's chilling in a safe. Even if sensing did work like a cell phone, based on Master Fu's stalking habits they should have known where their Peacock lived, and been able to search the entire house. Once they found it, they should have taken it back - not because it's Hawkmoth's safe, but because their holder is missing, it could provide clues, and it is not protected in someone else's safe. Since they didn't, I resort to paragraph #1. 

      As for Gabriel taking out the Peacock Miraculous and wearing it; he had the book, so in theory he knows it's a Miraculous, not just a memento. If he couldn't read the book and didn't know, then as soon as he put it on Duusu should have popped out, and we should have had a very different episode. So, maybe not. Therefore, it probably stays in the house, and I digress to paragraph #2.

      (Also, as a side note, I love that you mention Gabe looking at the safe in Simon Says. I've always thought that he looked at her picture because he was doing everything for her. Like a soldier looking at his countries flag for courage. Now that Le Peon is supposed to be Hawky's boss, and Le Peon might be Mrs. Agreste, I think this works double time.)

      Anyway, the book. Yes, Plagg does throw the book at Adrien, despite it probably having a picture of the Peacock Miraculous. This seems counter-productive if he's trying to draw attention away from the Miraculous. But, Plagg only says that the book looks familiar. He might not remember what is actually inside the book until Adrien opens it. At which point he complains for Adrien to get him cheese <- More distraction techniques.

      So, anyway, I'm still thinking no block. You're probably right, in that neither of us are exactly right. I don't suppose you watched that scene in Origins after, did you?

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    • Well I believe that plagg's ability to sense or be sensed by other kwamis is not blocked. Hear me out.

      I think that plagg was familiar with the spell book and acknowledged the peacock miraculous but chose not to since he chose to keep it a secret from Adrien, and we all know that Plagg is carefree, lazy and a glutton which made it easier to convince Adrien that he didn't know much about it.

      From what I can assess Plagg might know that Marinette is ladybug and Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste for two possible reasons:

      1 the fact that he respects the rule of not revealing the civilian identities of both ladybug and Hawk Moth and other miraculous holders. 2 the fact that he can't tell Adrien that he's fighting his own father after witnessing firsthand the nature of Gabriel and Adrien's relationship.

      On the second reason Plagg knows and understands what Adrien goes through and how he just wants his father to be proud of him and at least love him for and be there for him after his mother's disappearance/death. For him to just go straight to Adrien and be like 'Yo! Hawk Moth is is your old man.' That will have huge negative impacts on him. Plagg may not show it but he cares for Adrien more than we can ever imagine. He knows that the truth will hurt Adrien in many ways he fears it might. So maybe he's doing all that just to protect Adrien.

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    • Good point.

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    • I think plagg is nice and he wont tell Adrein that he might not even know and when is he going to know about the peakock miraculous

      by jj

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