• Is it just me, or are the akumatised items unusually delicate? They don't break if they fall from a great height (as seen in Pharaoh), but Ladybug easily smashes or tears them and they break if thrown. Is it just part and parcel of the Ladybug gig, or are the items just that much more delicate? We only ever see Cat Noir destroy one of them, as he use Catacylsm Simon Says' deck of cards. But that was using Cataclysm to cut the metaphorical knot. Usually, he throws the item to her, like in Dark Cupid. So can he not usually break them? If he can't, why can't he, when he's supposed to represent destruction? If he can, why doesn't he? The only reason I can think of is that if he breaks it and Ladybug isn't there to purify it, it'll multiply. But that argument falls flat when you remember that the Moth/Butterfly Miraculous isn't usually used for evil. As the leaders, they should have the ability to decomission the heroes made by the Moth/Butterfly Miraculous. Their powers are supposed to be on equal level, so why aren't they? If they are on equal footing, what of Cat Noir's powers aren't we seeing? Or does having the ability to hear and smell well compensate for being unable to destroy items with akumas in them?

    If he can't even smash an akumatised item, what is Cat Noir's purpose outside being a decoy and protecting Ladybug? They're supposed to be a team, but it's shown multiple times, in every episode where he gets decomissioned, that she can get along fine without Cat Noir. I understand that purifying akuma is something only Ladybug can do, but Cat Noir doesn't seem able to directly help with doing that unless he uses Cataclysm.

    Cat Noir just doesn't seem to have much of a purpose. Maybe that'll be a source of conflict for him in a later season, since Ladybug CAN get by just fine without him. He's such a great character, but he sometimes feels like he doesn't have much of a purpose when Ladybug got the more handy powers.

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    • Or maybe they are more vulnerable to other Miraculous Holders.

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    • MehNameIsJeff wrote:
      Or maybe they are more vulnerable to other Miraculous Holders.

      At the time I wrote this, Ladybug was the only one who seemed allowed to be smashing items, so that actually didn't make sense. Cat Noir would throw an item to her to be broken, implying he didn't have the ability to break akumatised items. Cat Noir had only used Cataclysm to break stuff, because Cataclysm can destroy anything and everything.

      But as of "Prime Queen" he has smashed something without using Cataclysm.
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