• Of all the secondary characters, Alix is my favorite.
    But aside from Timebreaker, she's had very little onscreen presence.

    DB S01EP12 (131)
    Pixelator LQ (10)

    These are the only two times we've seen her get some character development and only the one on the left was a speaking role.

    Is it possible her role might get expanded in future episodes?
    Or is she always just going to be a background character from now on?

    My personal hope is that she gets an Miraculous: Tales from Paris episode all to herself.
    I think that's all I can expect really.

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    • I wouldn't mind seeing more of her.  She definitely needs more screen time and so does Nathaniel.

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    • If Hawkmoth is her dad (which is still a possibility) she will certainly get more screen time at some point. Otherwise, she'll probably remain a recurring background character.

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    • She def deserves to appear more in the series, heck she could even return as the flashy and baddass Timebreaker villain!

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    • Reverser: You called?

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    • A FANDOM user
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