• I started watching Miraculous Ladybug a while ago but never finished it. Whenever I check for episode orders, there are different ones everywhere. I used Google as a guide but I'm not too sure anymore. Could someone please clear this up for me? It's for the US airings by the way.

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    • Different countries have different episode orders. Most episodes, including the specials, are standalone so you can watch them in any order you like but some episodes do have a specific timeline order!

      For example:

      There are plenty of timeline theories you can find but it's up to you which ever order you optate to watch the episodes. And I sometimes get conflicted on which airing guide I follow too! :-)

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    • a few of us tried to create a chronological timeline for season 1 a couple months ago

      heres the link if you want to take a look:

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    • The reason they are shown in different orders in various countries is because Astruc and his team wanted it to be easy to jump in at any point. So even if you missed some episodes you'd easily be able to catch on to what was going on.

      Like the others mentioned there isn't a chronological but there are like Mari pointed out specific scenes that provide continuity to the story and Origins will always be the beginning and Volpina the end. It doesn't matter what order you watch then since they are stand alone. But it is fun to see the various ideas people have for timelines and watch them in that order later. I personally like watching shows in chronology but I didn't mind watch Miraculous in the order it was released in my country. It's fun either way.

      Fortunately we are in luck for Season 2 because it's supposed to be released in chronological order! Should be fun! But yeah Season 1 is stand alone no specific order but plenty of clear are in episodes that there is an order it's just never been officially released yet.

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    • thank you all so much for your input!

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    • So, if I were to create a guide for me and my friends to watch the correct order of episodes, do I go with the American air dates or the original French air dates? So far, I've been using the French ones, but it doesn't correlate to the Netflix releases. Any advice? 

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    • i think, it doesn't matter what order you make it, episodes are mostly independent, but only rule is, that Volpina should be last, with origins 1,2 right before it...

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    • I'm sure the original producers had their artistic reasons for placing Origins at the end of season one, but art is not science. By its very nature, art is open to interpretation and my interpretation of this series differs in that regard,

      Origins in no way spoils any of the other 24 episodes, so I see no reason not to place them at the beginning, and Volpina should most certainly be last.

      Aside from that, I would simply follow the American order of release except where it may vary from what MariChatón218 posted near the top of the thread.

      On that note, thank you, Mari. You saved me a bit of work trying to sort out the chronological order for posting on my own site. Nice job and much appreciated.

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    • I didn't notice continuity issues in the show's timeline until I read discussion boards on this website.  Since then I've been searching on tumblr, more discussion boards and rewatching the show myself to piece something together and still no luck getting one whole picture.  And I've read somewhere that Astruc (and other cartoon directors) doesn't put specific dates for multiple reasons.  Usually a show just puts out episodes in Season 1 to see if the show gets its views to renew it for future seasons, so a good majority of those episodes don't matter to the plot and don't need a consistant timeline.  I,on the other hand, need one to keep me from going crazy.  I've studied the flaws and looked for ANY small detail in each 22 minute episode to throw a season 1 timeline together and this is what I got so far:

      Miraculous Season 1 Episode Timeline

      Origins Pt. 1 (S1EP15) - September ??

      -Continuity issue with Alya’s blog posts (blog date April 27)

      Origins Pt. 2 (S1EP16) - September ??

      The Bubbler (S1EP1) - September 8

      -Adrien’s theoretical birthday

      Copycat (S1EP5) - September ??

      Lady Wifi (S1EP7) - September 30

      -Chloe comments on someone’s outfit saying it’s a month until Halloween

      -Ladybug makes a joke referring to Copycat

      A Christmas Special - December 24

      Dark Cupid (S1EP10) - February 14

      Timebreaker (S1EP4) - April 6

      -refers to the Adrien schedule where this date has “Roller Time” written in

      ROGERCOP (S1EP9) - April ??

      -advertisement for weather girls on bus

      -Marinette’s dad refers to the Eiffel Tower cake in Timebreaker

      ^ANIMAN (S1EP17) - April ??

      -speculation that Nino starts having a crush on Marinette during career day in Rogercop due to the wink he gives her during her father’s presentation

      EVILLUSTRATOR (S1EP8) - April ??

      -speculation that Chat Noir (Adrien) is flirting with Marinette before her “date” with Nathanial which would be a horrible thing to do if Nino was still crushing on Marinette = after Animan

      The Puppeteer (S1EP24) - before/on April 18

      -poster for play running between March 15 and April 18

      -end of episode, seen visiting panther exhibit (after Animan)

      -advertisement for weather girls at TV Station

      The Mime (S1EP13) - April 28

      -date shown on poster

      PIXELATOR (S1EP19) - April ??

      -Jagged Stone's first appearance

      ^GUITAR VILLAIN (S1EP20) - April ??

      ANTIBUG (S1EP25) [no clear time period] {before/after Guitar Villain}

      -flashback shows Jagged Stone giving an exclusive interview about his upcoming album which could be the same one as the one in Guitar Villain

      Mr. Pigeon (S1EP2) - May 18

      -powerpoint with design contest info shows date

      Gamer (S1EP22) - May 18

      -advertisement for video game festival running between May 18 and May 21 (assume episode is on the first day)

      -first time Adrien goes to Marinette's house

      KUNG FOOD (S1EP21) [no clear time period {after Gamer}]

      -Adrien knows where Mariette lives already

      The Pharaoh (S1EP6) - May 21

      -Alya’s ladyblog upload has date*

      Darkblade (S1EP12) - May 21 & May 22

      -TV news shows date at beginning of episode

      -akuma attack same day, class takes rep vote the next day

      Stormy Weather (S1EP3) - June 21

      -Stormy makes a statement about the weather forecast for the first day of summer

      Horrificator (S1EP11) - June ??

      -based off previous annual film festivals held in Paris

      SIMON SAYS (S1EP18) [no clear time period {after The Pharaoh/Darkblade}

      -Pharoah has an opening scene with Ladybug hanging from her yoyo attached to a helicopter

      -when Marinette is asked about where she was during Monday's PE class, she has a flashback to her as Ladybug with a helicopter in the background

      REFLECKTA (S1EP23) [no clear time period]

      -class picture day

      PRINCESS FRAGRANCE (S1EP14) [no clear time period]

      VOLPINA (S1EP26) [no clear time period]

      -student’s comments refer to Princess Fragrance, Horrificator and Jagged Stone’s new album (first seen in Guitar Villain)

      -Continuity issues with Alya’s blog

      • Alya’s blog post seem to always be on May 21 (exception is the origin episodes which were dated for April)
      • in almost every episode, there’s a poster for a Rock Festival being held in late September
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    • Me and some friends made our own timeline a while back, which I made into a video that you can watch here:

      Since making the video the only changes I'd make are putting Lady Wifi before Pixelator because Chloe says Halloween is a month away and Pixelator takes place at the end of September. I'd also put Antibug before Guitar Villain because Jagged is asked to talk about his upcoming album in Antibug, which is most likely the one he releases in Guitar Villain. You'll also notice the video includes the 10 webisodes we got because thet all reference S1 episodes in them.

      This isn't meant to be seen as the correct order to watch them in but I feel like it works really well.

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