• Des anyone live in Australia and have Australian Netflix because then you know my struggle of miraculous not being on there

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    • I live in Australia.
      But I don't use Netflix to watch Miraculous:
      Miraculous on ABC iView
      They usually host 4 episodes at a time and keep repeating them in sequence.

      Here is the tv listing for the next episode on Free2Air television:
      Miraculous episode
      You may have to change the region to where you live, that link is for Melbourne.

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    • Only US Netflix has the rights to air Miraculous as for now. but MLB is expected to air on Netflix internationally in the future. Episodes can be found on ABC Iview like Buckmana mentioned and ABC might air season 2 in the summer in your country! :D

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    • Hey guys, thank you for your help. My best friend and i are big fans and we just want to watch the new season on something better then what we have so thank you for your help. Much thanks <3

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    • ABC airing Season 2 is wishful thinking at this point considering merchandise won't be avaliable here until 2018 and there's been little promotion for it ever since it premiered in March 2016. 

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    • Merchandise might be late to next year but nearly every country is the same. But Australia was the first country to finish the English Dub of season 1 though. They might do the same for season 2!

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    • Well, I have been to Australia, and have some friends there. Wonderful place. No to my discussion point. I believe the series started without origin episodes, we were all doing the what is this all about, what is going on, why, etc. because the writers were still trying to build a rational explanation for what was happening. Is it SF, Magic, Religious or what.

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    • I guess you could call the genre Magitech, if that's a suitable name.
      The Miraculouses are magical in nature, but some of the abilities they grant are technological in nature.

      For example, Ladybug's yoyo and Cat Noir's staff open up to reveal they're highly advanced cellphones.
      Their bodysuits when viewed up close have a technomesh armor weave.

      My theory is that when activated for the first time by a new bearer, the Miraculous adapts to the technology of the era and then takes it a few steps higher, to remain effective.
      This would explain why every prior Ladybug had a different costume, the Miraculous was creating a costume based on the technological level of that era.

      On a biological level, I think their DNA changes to grant them superhuman strength, speed, agility and reflexes.
      Ladybug gains an insect's ability to adhere to solid surfaces, because at one point we see her running horizontally along the side of a building. I think there's also a few scenes where she jumps onto a wall or roof and stays there.
      Cat Noir acquires feline night vision.

      As for Hawkmoth, when he gave Alya powers as Lady Wifi, they were all based on technology.
      She was defeated by disabling wifi transmitters and receivers throughout the episode.
      Evillustrator and Rogercop also had technological based powers.

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    • Their movements imply they are not moving the mass (weight) of a human body. The acceleration is too quick and the ability to stop has the same issue. To try and explain one could say mini teleports and it looks like continual motion. When cars are tossed around they should, but do not crumble and did you notice, not many people getting crushed by the destruction. There may be a limit on what can be done by anyone using the powers they have been given.

      The big problem will be for the show to try and explain what the rules are without invoking Wonder Women magic.

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    • I love the theory of the magitech, it really does explain a lot. But i would like to know one thing. It has been confirmed that there will be a ball themed sence, according to my secret source aka my best friend. So we were just talking about how if it will be a ball with cat noir and ladybug or if it will be adrian and marinette. If it is cat noir and ladybug, would they have different outfits or not and if so how?

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    • Well, this is the only way I can imagine it would work.

      If Ladybug wants to wear a different outfit, she'll just have to wear it over her bodysuit.
      Since her bodysuit is formfitting, it's not going to be difficult to do so.
      And technically, she's wearing socks, so it would be easy to just put on some nice shoes to go with the dress.

      Cat Noir is a bit less accomodating, with the tailbelt.
      So he might be able to wear a tuxedo shirt and jacket, but I can't see him wearing the trousers to go with it.
      Also, he has some fairly thick boots as part of his costume, so he can't wear formal shoes either.

      But they wouldn't be able to wear them into battle, as I mentioned earlier, their costumes are made of armored fabric, so their fancy clothes would just get damaged if they tried to wear them in combat.

      So there would probably be a scene with them having to visit the cloakroom to hang up their formal outfits before going into battle.
      Alix: Ladybug, Chloe's stealing your dress!

      All of the above is speculation though, we don't know yet how these scenes will really be handled.

      Don't think of Miraculous bearers as having the normal limitations of an average person, because they do not.
      They're not high level superhumans, but they're powerful enough that a normal human doesn't have a chance of matching their capabilities.
      Basically, they're stronger, faster, more agile and have quicker reflexes.
      In Copycat, Cat Noir defeats 5 adult police officers with minimal effort.

      To use the example cited earlier, a Miraculous bearer isn't lifting the weight of a human body, they're lifting the weight of a small child, comparatively speaking.

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    • Do you think that it would be possible for them or their kwami to maybe will the costume to change into a dress or suit.

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    • hey alya its marinette science class was fun right

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    • What would happen when Alya realises she has been SITTING NEXT TO LADYBUG EVER SINCE SHE ARRIVED AT THE SCHOOL?

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    • Alya is the second strongest character in the show. Note that she probably has a lot more screen time than you might think. She is smart and resourceful. The only reason she has not discovered the secret of who is who is because of the magic of the Miraculous. The show will make very good use of her. A rather ordinary looking character that a lot of the audience can identify with. She has a character strength that is to be envied.

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    • Anyone else FREAKING OUT because Mr. Agrest is most likely Hawk Moth?!!! There is so much proof that leads to it!

      In the Orgins episodes when Hawk Moth is first introduced he looks at a locket/ broach (his miraculus,) that hasa picture of Mrs. Agrest.This CANNOT be a coincidence.

      In the Simon Says episode when Simon wants to get to Mr. Agrest Hawk Moth says its risky but a good idea. While in his house with Ladybug and Cat Noir, he notices her earings and askes to see them. At the end of the episode he shakes hands with Cat Noir, and notices his ring. When he sees Adrien he notices his ring. Im guessing he either, made the connection between Adrien and Cat Noir figuring out they are the same person, or is suspicious. 

      When Adrien finds the book in the safe behind the picture of him mom, he notices it is full of info about super hero history, thier names, powers, miraculus, ECT. I think this is how Hawk Moth knew abut LB and CN before they even got thier miraculus. He knew their nams, powers, miraculus, and he knew that Master Fu would have to create new super heros to fight him.

      I think that when he (if he dosnt already know,) fins out that Adrien, and CN are the same perosn he will become weak, because he wanted to keep his family safe, and he relised he was trying to hurt his own son. This may cause him to be vulnerable allowing LB and CN to (temporarily) "stop" him. CN might find out Hawk Moth is really his father. CN might tell LB he could handle him, leaving them together. CN switches back to Adrien, to confront his dad face to face.

      Comment if you have anything else to add. I am so in love with this show!! <3

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    • It is possible but it is most likely a misleading hint. What if the real villain had captured his wife and was trying to deal for the two miraculous? 

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    • WilliamBillAmes wrote:
      It is possible but it is most likely a misleading hint. What if the real villain had captured his wife and was trying to deal for the two miraculous? 

      That is a great point aswel. Its possible! I guess we will just have to find out when the next season is released!

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    • I do not wait. I just use what I know from the show, like any great detective, I make a decision that explains the observed facts and go with that until proven wrong. For more of my thoughts check out my Profile page.

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    • I'm sorry I haven't been on guys, I've been dealing with family stuff. Anyways i love all the theories. My best friend and I both think it is Mr Agrest but we cant be positive of course. I love the idea of Hawk Moth having kidnapped Mrs Agrest, it would make sense seams they have always said that she left and not the she died.

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    • I have something to add about the original conversation and being able to watch Miraculous on non-US Netflix. There is a way to switch between different nations Netflixes. I know because my sister has done it before to watch shows no longer on the US Netflix. I personally do not know how but you can probably look it up or something. Hope this was helpful. :)

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