• We already know that Alya and Chloe will be Miraculous holders, and there has been speculation whether or not Nino will be a holder himself. But one question has been going on in my mind. Will Nathanael become a Miraculous holder? The reason why is because Nathanael himself has the potential to get more screen, and the characteristics of the Peacock are pure contrast to his personality. To see him from a shy, nervous artist, to a flamboyant, flirtatious confidante who will also rival Chat Noir.

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    • Nathaniel is an interesting character, to say the least, in how popular he is in the fandom. I can't find it, but I remember Thomas tweeting that he was surprised how a recurring student character, those students being characters but not important ones, became so popular. I can see where the surprise comes from, but I also see why Nathaniel became so popular among fans, as I love this character, too. We don't know enough about him from what we saw in Season 1, but the many ways fan view, write, and draw him is really enjoyable. For shippers, too, he is great for any pairing; I'm one of the people who ships him with Chloé, but he's also been shipped with Marinette/Ladybug, Adrien/Cat Noir, Lila, Juleka, and Sabrina, just to name what I've seen around. To say the least, Nathaniel has won over the hearts of ML fans with his few appearances so far.

      However, does that mean Nathaniel is poised for a push into more character development and growth territory? I won't deny that I want it, but nothing yet has indicated that he will. Despite the fan love he gets, Thomas doesn't seem to share the same sentiment, and as he had to have figured out the 3-season arc for Miraculous early on, he may never have incorporated Nathaniel into that story line in any way. We only got one episode that really explored Nathaniel as a character, and in comparison to Alya, Chloé, and Nino in Season 1, the two-three of them getting Miraculouses in future seasons, his character is less defined and cemented.

      Do I think it would be awesome if Nathaniel was expanded on, though, with or without a Miraculous? Absolutely! Shows that are aware of a less important character's popular character have been willing to give them development later on. Alex Hirsch was surprised about Pacifica Northwest's popularity in Season 1 of Gravity Falls, for example, but he and the crew were willing to take note of that popularity and write episode in Season 2 that developed her. That may have already been the plan from the beginning, but I'm sure her popularity helped cement writing episodes with her. As for Nathaniel, while it may be too late in the planned story for him to become a Miraculous holder, I'm sure the crew has taken note of his popularity, and I hope they work with that by giving him a few more episodes that explore his personality, interests, and relationships more.

      If Nathaniel does get a Miraculous, that would be especially great, but I can honestly say I have no idea what it would be. Assuming Le Paon's defeat won't be until the end of Season 3, whoever may get the Peacock Miraculous afterwards, if that's the plan, would get a very short period of time to be seen wielding if the show doesn't an additional season. I still feel the Peacock Miraculous fits Nino well, but at the same time, he may end up with a different Miraculous, whether we've seen it before or it's currently unknown to us. In Nathaniel's case, I feel the same. He may get a known Miraculous, but if he is going to get a Miraculous and doesn't get a known one, I'm interested for the possibilities that will come from a new, unknown Miraculous for him. If Nino gets one, that's five superhero members in a team, so the crew may not want to expand the group larger than that. But hey, if they do, Nathaniel is my male choice for #6, with Sabrina being my female choice.

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    • NOT HIM

      A GIRL!!!!!!

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    • Dragonflymiraculous2006 wrote:
      NOT HIM

      A GIRL!!!!!!

      Why do you say that?

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    • I personally do hope to see him hold a Miraculous, but not the Peacock one. I feel like he'd be more suited to the Moth Miraculous considering its power to create more superheroes. Nathaniel has already shown he has good imagination in looking at a person's strong points and amplifying them into a superpower (he did it with himself and I believe he could do it with other people).

      Add this to the fact that neither he nor the Moth Miraculous are violent types and I like how that could end up. Plus, he and Nooroo would become best friends in no time.

      Becoming the "flamboyant" Peacock isn't necessarily something I can see??? And it's not that becoming a superhero automatically inverts the person's personalities; they amplify traits that the person feels like they have to suppress. For Adrien, it was his flirty side that was squished because of his dad's overwhelming presence. For Marinette, it was her confidence after being stepped on by Chloe for four years in a row.

      For Nath, that'd probably be something like his extroversion. He's not opposed to human contact, but he doesn't go find it either and prefers to keep to himself without talking very much. He literally sits in the back of the class alone, for goodness sake! So I could imagine a superhero Nathaniel being very chatty and friendly with just about everyone. Not the confident kindness of Ladybug or the hilarious flirtiness of Chat Noir, but an excitement and personality that's all his own.

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    • I think he will get the Tiger Kwami, that would make Nathaniel some sort of "Rival" of Catnoir and the two will get into disputes for the heart of LadyBug/Marinette! XD

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