• Hey Guys, I come from Germany. So if you don't understand something, please tell me. 

    But I have a question, when will come seasen 2 in Germany? The series is on Disney Channel.

    If you know, please anwser me!

    Thnx :-)

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    • Ihre kommt Mai 2017 :) (Translated with Google translate) Hoffe ich half :D

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    • Aber nicht siher in Germany sorry :(

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    • Hi, I speak German too (but I will write now in English as this page is in English). Well, given the fact that season 1 came ca 6 months after the French realise and that the show Elena of Avalor came just now to German Disney Channel and DreamWorks Dragons always come half a year later to SuperRtl, I´ld say Ladybug will come in early autumn.

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