• Caline's page talked about how similar she was to Lucille from a movie A Monster In Paris.
    I wanted to know more about the movie in question, so looked it up and decided it could be interesting to watch.
    It was a very good movie.

    It is on record that Miraculous' production crew are not aware of this production, despite the uncanny visual similarity between Caline and Lucille.

    But nonetheless, I thought it would be interesting to see if there were any accidental reverse similarities.

    A note, spoilers abound, so I would recommend watching the movie before reading them.

    Francoeur is an enlarged Flea with superhopping abilities. He also has some wallcrawling ability, but not as good as Ladybug.

    Francoeur's name is similar to Natalie's surname.
    Referenced onscreen when Lucille says it means "honest heart".

    During the final song of the movie, a normal sized Francoeur is standing on Lucille's earring so she can hear him singing.
    A bit of an oblique reference, but could be interpreted as a similarity to the Miraculous earrings.

    Lucille's stage dress has angel wings as part of the costume.
    The same place Rose's dress has her angel wings.

    Like Marinette, Emile has trouble working up the courage to ask his love interest out, often with a high degree of failure.

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    • I just wanted to throw out here that someone asked Thomas about Caline looking like Lucille, and so that's why it's mentioned in her page.

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