• I don't know much about the Cesaire twins yet and the photos are blurry, but they look to be around Manon's age.
    Which makes me wonder if the show will bring them together as friends?

    And just for extra comedy, have Marinette babysit all three at once!
    Just imagine the look of sheer terror on Marinette's face when she realizes her workload is tripled.

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    • I think that would be fun! The twins look a slight bit older than Manon, but young kids in various ages are still able to befriend each other and get along.

      I'm really grateful we got a glimpse of the twins in the Christmas special. Considering Alya's future path in the series, it's fantastic that her family is being revealed more, especially as she mentioned her younger siblings at the beginning of Season 1. If we get to see Alya babysitting them, or Marinette with/without her babysitting the twins and Manon, it'll be a blast.

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    • That would be fun, and cute! Also, watch this...

      Manon: Marrinette! I have my friends here!

      Alya: Can you take care of them?

      Marrinette: *Faints*

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    • Oh my goodness, that would be hilarious. If Alya can't handle the Cesiare twins then who can. Hint: Totally not Marinette or maybe Alya would do the move she's famous for and call Adrien to come and help Marinette.

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    • Yes! I need that to happen :D

      Plus, we know Adrien is good with kids..

      (SPOILER ALERT) we saw Chat Noir handle Gigantitan pretty well

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