• It is known that if you remove your Miraculous without intending to voluntarily give up the power, all that happens is your Kwami reappears and you return to being normal.

    Which got me wondering, given that the Akumatized always try to take the Miraculous by force (stealing them), this means that the rule about giving up the power doesn't come into effect and thus, the Kwami will still appear if the Miraculous were to be removed.

    I'm now imagining a scene like this:

    Akumatized: Hahahahahaha! I have Ladybug's earrings.
    Tikki instantly appears and glares sternly at the thief.
    Tikki: You stole those, they don't belong to you.
    Tikki takes the earrings and flies away
    Akumatized: Hey you little bugthingy! Come back with those earrings! I stole them! They are mine!
    Akumatized runs around the corner and Ladybug is standing there after having just transformed
    Ladybug: Now, let's have a little talk about taking what doesn't belong to you.

    By the way, a Miraculous wearer can instantly transform back if they are depowered as long as they haven't used their Ultimate power before changing.

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    • Well I don't think Tikki can do that. But what happens when the earrings are removed: In the orgins Tikki disappears, but in ladywifi when the ring falls down from Cat-noit/Adrian and Plagg is still there.

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    • Different situations, when Tikki vanishes, it was because Marinette was voluntarily giving up the power, not removing the earrings.
      So taking the earrings by force might only cause Tikki to separate from the earring she inhabits.

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    • But how will the Miraculous know that it is voluntarily given up? (If there where any way we could have seen how that could be possible, then I can believe that it is possible)

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    • Based on the scene where Marinette gives up the power, I can only assume that you have to want to stop having the power by choosing not to use it anymore.
      That the physical act of removing the Miraculous is meaningless, it's the decision/choice that matters.

      What I think happens is when a Miraculous is held for the first time by the potential bearer, it links the life energy of the Kwami to the bearer's life energy and the connection can't be broken without the bearer consciously willing it to seperate.

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    • That's a good theory, but I don't think it works like that, but I don't have a theory so I have to go with yours ;).

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