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LW S01EP07 (637)
Major Spoiler Warning
This page contains major spoilers that have not yet appeared in any episodes anywhere worldwide.

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"The Chinese Legend" is an upcoming 40-minute special episode of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[1][2] According to Jeremy Zag, a new hero will join Ladybug and Cat Noir in this episode.[3] According to the official Miraculous Ladybug blog on Tumblr, it will premiere in 2018, although which countries it will premiere in then is unknown.[4]


Major characters


  • The episode was known as "Ladybug in Shanghai" when Jeremy Zag first announced the special.[1] Its current name, "The Chinese Legend", was revealed at the Miraculous Ladybug panel at SDCC 2016.[2]
  • This episode and "Ladybug in New York City" are the only known episodes to show locations outside of Paris.
  • During a Miraculous Ladybug Panel at Anime Expo 2016, it was revealed that one of the upcoming specials would be in 2D rather than the usual CGI style.[5] This was later revealed to be "The Chinese Legend", since, if greenlit, the special would be too expensive to make in 3D.[6]
    • It is currently unknown if this is still the case, as months later, the official Miraculous Ladybug Tumblr blog responded to a question that all of the specials would be CGI, which would include this special.[7]
  • Revealed by Jeremy Zag, Marinette will meet her grandmother this episode.[5]



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