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I just wanted to express my adoration for [Ladybug]. Let her know that everything I had went into her statue. I'm sure if she took a little time to get to know me, she would see how much we have in common. Our devotion to the things we love.

—Théo, "Copycat"

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Théo Barbot[2] is an artist and a sculptor. In "Copycat" when Ladybug doesn't attend the revealing of his statue of her and Cat Noir, and Cat Noir claims that he and Ladybug "have a thing", Théo gets upset and jealous. As a result, he is infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes Cat Noir's doppelganger, the supervillain Copycat.


Physical appearance

Théo is a bit taller than Adrien, with brown hair tied up in a bun, brown eyes, and a soul patch.

Civilian attire

He wears a purple shirt with two unbuttoned buttons at the top, a black overshirt, gray jeans, and black boots.

As Copycat

Copycat looks identical to Cat Noir, including his physical features.


Théo is creative and gracious. He appreciates Ladybug for protecting Paris; he's sure they have a lot in common. Though more on the quiet side, he has a lot of passion for his work and the things he cares about. He has feelings for Ladybug and he takes it hard when she doesn't show up for the reveal of his statue. He also gets easily jealous when Cat Noir brags about he and Ladybug being a couple, claiming that Cat Noir isn't good enough for her. However, after he is reverted back to his normal self, he gets over his frustration and jealousy, appreciating Ladybug signing his photo of her and at peace about Cat Noir and Ladybug being together--not knowing that it isn't the case.

As Copycat, he is overcome by his jealousy of Cat Noir and admiration of Ladybug. He makes a bad name for Cat Noir by stealing the Mona Lisa from the Louvre and he captures Cat Noir and attempts to trick Ladybug into thinking that he is the real Cat Noir, in hopes of achieving her affection. When he isn't able to fool Ladybug, he shouts that no one will have her and attacks Cat Noir. While cunning and determined, he falls for Ladybug's trick of asking him about their secret promise that they never made, which he thinks they have.


CC S01EP05 (8)

Théo's statue of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

As a civilian

Théo is a very skilled artist, being able to make a very realistic bronze statue of Ladybug and Cat Noir (although, according to the latter, he should be taller). Also, Théo is able to do a wide variety of jobs, as seen in is multiple cameos.

As Copycat

  • Copycat hiding his photo of Ladybug, where the akuma hides, in a pocket.
  • Copycat fighting with Ladybug.
  • Copycat's Cataclysm.
  • Copycat's ring, losing a pad after using Cataclysm.

Copycat wields supernatural strength and agility, along with having a copy of Cat Noir's staff and the ability to perform Cataclysm. However, using Cataclysm makes him start running out of energy, which is shown by his ring losing paw prints, just as it does for the real Cat Noir. He can also mimic Cat Noir's voice.



  • In the French dubbed version, Théo's supervillain name is called L'imposter.
  • As Copycat, when he is imitating Cat Noir, he is voiced by Bryce Papenbrook.
  • He makes various brief cameo appearances doing random jobs:
    • In "Dark Cupid", he is a furniture mover, helping to carry a large picture frame into Le Grand Paris for Chloé.
    • In "The Mime", he is a sign holder for the pantomime show.
    • In "Animan", he is found in the bathroom of Collège Françoise Dupont.
    • In "Pixelator", he becomes trapped in a photo with Mireille Caquet, having been strolling down the Champs-Élysées.
    • In "Guitar Villain", he works as a DJ for XY.
    • In "Kung Food", he is a boom operator.


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