Théo's studio is an art studio owned by Théo Barbot. It is the location of the final fight scene in "Copycat."


The workshop is a single room with brick walls and no windows. Natural light comes in through a large skylight that runs along the top of the pointed roof. The ceiling is quite high, and industrial metal bars holding lights run across the room halfway up the walls. The workshop contains many miscellaneous items, including boxes, furniture, several large blank canvases, sculptures, and an easel holding some of Théo's artwork. There appears to be a narrow metal catwalk that runs along the walls.




  • The workshop sign reads "L'Atelier", which translates into "The Workshop".
  • Théo has a maneki-neko inside his workshop that bears a resemblance to Neko, the main antagonist of Kobushi, which is an another ZAG-produced show.


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