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Your stick! There!

Ladybug, "The Bubbler"

The staff, also called the stick or baton, is the tool of the Cat Miraculous.


The staff is silver in color, with a glowing green paw print near its upper end. It is retractable, and when it is not in use, Cat Noir usually has it attached to his lower back.


The staff, like Ladybug's yo-yo string, is nearly unbreakable and can be extended to unlimited length. Cat Noir can split it in half or change its length to use it as a staff, sword, or vaulting pole. When spun around at high speed, it can generate a grey-colored shield to deflect attacks or be used as a propeller to allow Cat Noir to safely land from high distances.[1] He has also used it as a javelin and a viewing pole.[2][3]

"That's adorable, now shhhh, I can't hear my Lady on the phone

Cat Noir using his staff as a phone.

When the paw print button at the upper end of the staff is pressed, it slides open to reveal a screen. With this, Cat Noir can use the staff as binoculars, a tracker, a map, or an x-ray. He can also use it as a communicator to contact Ladybug or as a normal cellular phone.[4]



Comics and books



  • Unlike Ladybug's yo-yo, the staff can't capture akumas.
    CC (386)

    Copycat holding Cat Noir's staff in his left hand and his own staff in his right hand.

  • Ladybug has used the staff against Cat Noir during the times when he is under the control of supervillains.
  • In the Miraculous spellbook, a drawing of the staff is colored black.
  • Copycat has a staff identical to Cat Noir's staff in "Copycat". However, he uses Cat Noir's staff to call Ladybug instead of his own.
  • The staff can also split apart, as seen in "Horrificator" and "Dark Cupid".
  • In "A Christmas Special", the staff is revealed to be bendable.
  • In "Dark Owl", it's revealed the staff also has an ear communicator.


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