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Non-Canon Information
This page is for a concept/character/etc. that didn't become, isn't considered, or hasn't been confirmed canon in the Miraculous Ladybug Quantic Universe continuity.

Sparrow was a character from the old, unused concept of Ladybug and Cat Noir being in a team of superheroes called the Quantic Kids. He, Mercury, and Melodie were the other three members of the first conception of the team, although Sparrow was replaced by Kid Mime in a later stage of production. However, the entire concept was discarded, and so Sparrow never appeared outside concept art.[1]

Currently, it is unknown if Sparrow exists in the Quantic Universe or not.[2]


As Sparrow

Sparrow image

Sparrow's earlier appearance, drawn by Thomas Astruc.

In Thomas Astruc's designs for Sparrow, he wears a brown hooded jacket with black spots on the sleeves and bottom. The hood is worn over his head, and it's designed after the head of a sparrow, having a dark gray beak, white markings on its forehead and the sides, and an eye with a black pupil. On his head, he wears a dark gray full cover mask and red, circular goggles with brown straps over it. Underneath his jacket, he has a white suit, and over it, he has dark gray buckles around his torso. On his upper left leg, there is a bag with pockets, and his work boots are tan-colored.

Later designs for Sparrow involve a white beak, red goggles incorporated into his black mask, and a white string within his hood and sticking out on each end of it. The hoodie jacket is white with long sleeves that cover his hands and a center pocket with that includes side holes. The bottom edge of the jacket has a longer front and shorter sides, and a white pouch told hold his dart(s) attaches to his left (or right) hip. He has a brown cape that ends at a black-colored point at the bottom, looking like a bird's folded wings. Additionally, he wears dark brown pants and black and gray boots. Another very similar design includes Sparrow's white parts being orange brown instead, his boots colored orange brown and simpler in design, and the beak colored gray. Sparrow's dart is black with a silver pointed tip and a golden flight.


As Sparrow

In concept art, it appears that Sparrow throws a kind of dart/weapon. The way he holds his left arm back and has his index and middle finger positioned is like how archers hold back a bow string.


Comics and books


  • Sparrow was the original member of the five superheroes, but producers replaced him with Kid Mime.[1]
  • Thomas Astruc commented on Twitter that Sparrow was his favorite superhero created for Quantic Kids, and he considered Kid Mime to be a weak replacement for him.[1]


Concept art


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