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Major Spoiler Warning
This page contains major spoilers that have not yet appeared in any episodes anywhere worldwide.

The third season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir was confirmed to be in progress by Jeremy Zag.[2] It will have 26 episodes.[3] According to Thomas Astruc, episodes in this season will be self-contained, but there will be powerful ongoing story arcs.[4] The season will premiere in 2018.[1]


On July 3, 2016, Thomas Astruc explained that Season 3 is being written at the same time as Season 2 in order to prevent a hiatus between seasons.[5] As of January 14, 2017, the season is still in the writing process.[6]

At a panel at New York Comic Con on October 7, the crew revealed a new sneak peak image of Le Paon, with the image labeled as being for Season 3. They also showed concept art of Duusu, whose image noted her as appearing in both Season 2 and Season 3.[7] In a teaser for a Los Angeles Comic Con panel for October 30, Jeremy Zag revealed that a fan of the show will be akumatized in Season 3.[8]

Astruc confirmed at Comic Con Paris on October 23 that the crew is currently writing Season 3, and because they set the bar very high for Season 2, the writers have a lot of pressure to improve from that with Season 3.[9]

During a Nolife interview released on December 22, two new concept art images were released. The first image included the ship of a villain named Captain Hardrock, who will appear in episode 61. The second image showed concept art for an unnamed female villain.[10]

On March 1, 2017, Astruc announced on Twitter that the crew had written three episodes in one day, saying that they included a "big party, apocalypse, and DBMAT."[11] The next day, he added a picture of what DBMAT stood for, Dragon Ball Martial Arts Tournament from the franchise Dragon Ball.[12] Later that month, on March 22, director Wilfried Pain revealed that the production of the season was in its storyboarding and animatic phases.[13]


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